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PR professionals and other migrants seeking to relocate to Australia will find it very easy with OccuSearch.

OccuSearch is a free, online database that provides information on the occupations that are in demand in Australia. It also provides information on the skills and qualifications that are needed for these occupations.

This ensures that PR professionals will be able to find a job in their profession, even if they have an occupation that is not currently in demand in Australia.

Being part of the Australian workforce, I have often wondered whether I qualify for a PR or not. To find out my eligibility, I contacted OccuSearch who helped me through the process in just a few minutes and equaled me with a PR consultant. They are one of the best migration assistants under my belt!

Are you a Skilled Professional? Wishing to get Australian PR? Check your Eligibility with Us.

Introducing OccuSearch – Your migration assistant, that now fits inside your pocket!

Here are the features of the only app you will ever need on your phone:

1. Search occupation:                             

It has never been easier to search for your relevant pathways for your specific ANZSCO code. Once selected, find out the applicable visa types, eligibility criteria, state nomination pathways, and crucial EOI statistics. The insightful information available also extends to providing you with the name of the relevant Skill Assessment authority.

2. Australia PR points calculator:

Points are crucial to understanding the opportunities that are available to an individual for the visa type they are trying to pursue. The in-built point tester helps you calculate the relevant points as well as gives you information regarding where you stand on eligibility.

3. Australia Visa fees estimator:

Calculate the accurate expenses you will require for specific visas. This allows one to plan out their finances for the long term, further empowering migrants to make the right choices.

OccuSearch is a proud product of the leading Australian Migration & Education Consultancy, Aussizz Group.

Designed to help those chasing their education dreams, temporary migrant visas, and permanent residency, the app draws all its information from official verified sources.

Information provided by this app is not an interpretation of an individual’s circumstances and does not qualify as official migration advice. Please contact your nearest Aussizz Group branch for a consultation or further information.

Download now and get information on your eligibility to migrate to Australia.

Take Away

I’ve been trying to find a way to get my Australian PR, but I don’t have any contacts in the field. With OccuSearch, I finally found all the information which helped me with all my needs, and the best part is that the interface is easy to use! I’m a grateful user of OccuSearch.