Have you always been a trading card game fan, player or you’re just curious about how the system works? Urban Rivals is a great way to start, continue or discover the trading card game and includes realistic features on your iPhone or iPod touch (They’re still working on the iPad version). Urban Rivals is an RPG trading card game that allows the cards, which are your players, to evolve once you have fought many times and gained enough experience. As you play the game, your character gets stronger along with other characters in your deck. You can also put your cards on the market and trade or sell them to improve your fighting skills.

What makes Urban Rivals a great game to play is that it hosts live fights against other players in the world, allowing you to search and invite your friends to improve your deck of cards. If you are into Manga and trading cards, Urban Rivals is for you because you can play on their website or on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch application. Every card is worth credits and the only way to make some money in the game is by winning fights. The game lets you practice with Kate, another player that can battle against you while you earn some experience as well as credits.

The battles usually start with a certain amount of pills for each card player. The player then decides how many should be assigned to each card or fighter in order to win. The fighter that has the most pills in their turn wins the fight. You have a lot of rounds to beat your opponent and, if everything goes well, you can beat your opponent in as little as four rounds. Players have stated that they have witnessed and it is possible for a player of a low level (15) to beat a person with a higher level (80). The game is solely based on strategy and not on who pays for credits or trading card packs.

The graphics on this game are incredible whether you play it on your iOS device or not. Once you beat the other player, the game is much more than a card game. The game shows real effects and fighting techniques against your opponent, making it more of a visual experience. The advantage of your iOS device is that you can take the game on the go with you. This application is time taking and you usually don’t notice how much time goes by when you’re playing the game, which may be a good or a bad thing. You can also improve and edit your profile as well as your collection on the market which includes the cards and how much their sales have improved lately.

You may look at the reviews for this app and, while they aren’t excellent, you should look at certain factors. The first reason that people usually complain about the game is because they want to find a way to earn money quick to beat people and get some money which is not the point of the game. Other people complain about buying cards or credit with real money and they state that it isn’t worth it. However, you should be the one to decide if you really want to spend your money because you never know. Maybe there are people who actually get good cards and they just do not post it on the reviews. Urban Rivals is free on the Itunes App Store available for people who want to give it a try. The game is hard to put down once you get the hang of things.

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