Ever thought of having a gaming experience on snow? This is absolutely a great experience that is worth trying! Interestingly, Ulrik Motzfeldt-Skovgaard has come up with an incredible game that will really give the user a fascinating moment when playing it. Snow Time Swipe app is a great game with a setup of the snow environment. Actually, this game involves character named Ethan who seems to be trapped on the snow together with his friends. It is actually quite challenging for them to make out easily due to presence of impeding obstacles located on their way. Such obstacles include moving ice, cane traps and even other bigger obstacles. As a player, there is a challenging task in-waiting; the task of rescuing Ethan together with his friends from the ice region.


Understanding Snow Time Swipe app

Designed and created by Ulrik Motzfeldt-Skovgaard, this great app was last updated on 2nd June, 2016 to incorporate new improvements that have been integrated. For instance, this version 2.0 of the app has introduced a new feature known as the Daily Wheel Prize which offers a chance of rewarding players with coin prizes. So far the game has been rated highly (4+ rating) from the honest reviewers with most of them expressing the great experience they have had with the game. This is a clear indication of the exceptional performance this game has exhibited.

Getting Started with Snow Time Swipe game

Clearly speaking, this game is unique in its kind when it comes to playing. At first, it might appear a bit challenging especially due to improper timing as different obstacles keep swinging at a faster pace. How is the game played? It actually involves consistent swiping following the right direction. In the process, one will be able to unlock different doors and come across various types of obstacles which need to be evaded.

Besides, this incredible game has come up with an option where the player can gather different coins found on the way. Such coins play a great part when it comes to unlocking new characters that contain different capabilities.

Compatible Devices For Snow Time Swipe app game

This amazing game has applied great design and quality formation. This makes it to work on an efficient platform in order to ensure that its performance is unaltered. Thus the compatible devices for this app include iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. For the operating system, the iOS 6.0 or any latest version will perfectly works for it.

Distinct Features Identified in Snow Time Swipe app game

Efficient Powerups

Actually, it is noticeable that the powerups found in this game are meant to boost the entire performance of the player. This in turn can make one to have an added advantage over the avalanche. There are three forms of powerups that the player can apply:

· Snow(Freeze)

This is a unique power up which has the capability of stopping the movement of an avalanche for a while. This enables the player to move a distance further before being caught up again.


· Watch(slow motion)

This is another form of power up which tends to reduce the speed at which the avalanche is moving thus paving way to the player to quickly move ahead.

· Blue bottle(Invisible)

This represents an exceptional power up which tends to �cover’ the character and allow one to move swiftly through the avalanche with much ease.

Swipe and collect coins

This game actually requires the player to consistently swipe in the correct direction, evade different obstacles found along the way and collect coins. The more coins that one gains, the better chances of unlocking new characters. Besides, the introduction of the Daily Wheel Prize highly helps players to earn different coin prizes.

Sharing of scores with friends

Apparently, this game contains the social sharing icon for Facebook where different players can comfortably share their scores in relation to how they have performed. This is a major process of improving the player’s capability through learning from others.

Some of the Pros and cons notable from this Snow Time Swipe app game include the following:


· Quite fun and fascinating experience

· Easy to play by swiping

· Great graphics and quality sounds

· Great number of characters- thus lively

· High level of performance


· Mild performance noticed sometimes

· Graphics appear to be mixed up too much


Snow Time Swipe is a game that comes with a completely unique experience to the game players. It brings out great performance, the liveliness, fun-filled moment and a complete twist of actions. The player is required to be alert and quick while playing this great game. Being available at App Store, it is downloadable for free. Don’t miss such a fascinating experience today!

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