When you have any kind of problem that requires and important decision, you may not be seeing the whole picture and make the wrong choice.  Have you ever just wanted someone to decide for you by really looking into the whole picture?  Decider is a great application to make that suggestion for you.  Decider works as if you were doing a pros and cons list.  First, you describe your decision or problem, whether you would like to include details or not because that is your choice.

Then, all you have to do is post the pros and cons and how much each decision weighs for you.  In other words, you decide which pro or con is has more importance in your decision.  For example, if you would like to apply for a credit card, you have to measure the pros and cons before you make a final decision.  Decider calculates the result in a simple way, posting a Yes or No decision bar.  Decider also saves a history of your past decisions if you would like to keep them.  If you decide that it’s best to keep that decision to yourself, all you have to do is click on the red circle and delete the decision.

You can also choose from templates available, which are only a few since the application was released a short time ago, if you want to go straight to the pros and cons of the decision.  Every hard decision has to be thought of carefully and the Decider app helps you organize yourself and may ultimately be a tool to make that final decision.  Decider is also great because you do not have to talk about it with anyone that can have their own biased opinions about it.  However, if you really would like some friendly input then you should consult someone who really knows about the subject.

You could also discuss the results from the Decider app so that you can get an honest opinion from your peer.  A great thing about the Decider app is that you can store as much information as you want about your final decision and if you think of another pro or con to add to the list, you can go back to your decision on the app and edit it, which is great because we can lose perspective of things once time goes by.  You can also manipulate the weight of each decision if you change your mind about its importance.  After all, we are only human and we can change our minds before we make that final decision.  We also tend to make impulsive decisions instead of weighing the pros and cons before we act upon them.  So it is best to store them on a safe place and get a good night’s rest so that we can make that decision with clear thoughts.

In conclusion, the Decider app is a great tool to have on your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone and it has been rated five stars.  If you would like to be kept updated on the new developments for the Decider, feel free to join their Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  This application was developed with the help of a psychiatrist and the social networks are constantly posting information on their experts and their videos so that you can check them out first and see if you like the app before buying it.  The Decider is only worth $4.99 on the App Store and it’s a cheap tool to make some great decisions.

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