If you liked the movie Inception, then your life is about to get similar to the movie with the Inception app for your Iphone 3G. Using a headset and a microphone combined with GPS location and the motion sensor, create an alternate soundtrack to your life, as if you were already dreaming. This mode is called the Still Dream, and all you need to do is have your device enabled without any sleep timers, so that the app can record the sounds around you and then play them back within the Inception soundtrack. The makers of this application claim that there is a surprise hidden inside the app after you let it record your life with the Still Dream.

The Reverie Dream is one of the first dreams that you experience on the Inception App and it basically introduces you to a new world where you actually perceive the sounds around you including the added effects from the movie. The dreams will change depending on what you are doing, speaking will activate the overture dream and walking or moving can trigger the Action Dream. These sounds are implemented into different songs from the soundtrack, so it seems to be a great app to try out if you liked the movie. People have also witnessed the Sleep Dream and one user has not recommended it. Basically, new worlds are unlocked by traveling in real life. Apparently, in order to unlock Africa, you have to make it there by plane or other means and it seems to be the regular talk of the users.

This is called the Travelling Dream, which activates once you are travelling, whether you travel on a bus, plane, train or even a bike. What this mode does is that it imitates background music and imitates it as if it were an echo inside your dream. Using the Limbo mode, you go into your dream and the app takes all the recorded sounds and mashes them up together, therefore increasing your experience as you record your surroundings.

The Quiet Dream implements and heightens sounds that you may not even pay attention to when you’re in silence. It also adds unreleased sounds from Inception that provide a new experience for people. In conclusion, there are many dream modes that you can try out when it comes to the Inception App, you can check the Dream Modes on Youtube as well as comments from regular users. The reviews are pretty much mixed because some people just don’t get it while others have rated it five stars. Feel free to download it from the App Store and try it out for free.

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