Tricky Towers is the newest 3D puzzle game designed by Marcus Dobler Applications UG. It is fully compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices.

Marcus Dobler is an independent game developer from Germany and has already entered the market with a number of apps, primarily aimed at the iPad/iPhone users. The latest and seemingly most successful has been the entertaining Sorus Shield, with which this game shares some qualities.


As with previous games by the same developer, Tricky Towers favors a minimalistic approach, both in design and in execution. The color scheme is practically bicolor (white and violet by default), and the overall design is minimalistic, clear and elegant. The bicolor scheme might seem a bit tedious at start, and the game does offer a customization option which allows for you to choose the *second* color (there are 5 to choose from).

The game offers support for 12 languages, which is another great feature.

The interface is really minimal – the main menu offers to show you the points, to turn music on and off, and to change the color scheme. Everything is done by the swipe of the finger.


Game play is quite fast and enjoyable. Basically, you move the colored blocks of towers up and down with the finger swipe, in order to form a larger tower. Whenever two towers of the same height touch they combine into a taller tower, and this goes on until the playfield is filled. The main aim of the game is to build the tallest tower and proceed to the next level. During the game play there are many obstacles to conquer and trophies to win.

The game offers two game modes. There is the Mission mode, where you compete in 80 different games to complete the tricky aims. Then, there is the Endless mode, where you don’t have any time limitations and are free to built the tallest tower you can master.

Another great opportunity is to play the game in Endless mode with your friends over the Game Center.



Minimalistic and stylish design.

Great visuals, smooth animations and decent, unobtrusive sound effects.

Challenging game play and hours of fun if you are a fan of these kind of 3D puzzle games.


Bicolor scheme can sometimes be tiring. The scheme changing options don’t seem to provide enough variation to the visuals.

Also, little to no other settings available aside from changing colors and turning the music on and off.

Only recommended for fans of these kinds of games.

No Android version, so you can’t enjoy it if you are not an Apple user already.


Tricky Towers is fun and challenging and it’s worth checking out if you are into this genre of games. Although there is a possibility to compare your results with your friends over Game Center it is still a solitary game, and it’s ideal for those long hours of commuting or travel, or just leisure. The design is also obviously aimed at more experienced users as the lack of colors and spartan animations and sound effects can be a little uninviting for the younger players.

Worth Having App – Download the App