Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner is a free Android app that clears junk files and also boosts phone’s memory and speed. Just like most Android apps, Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

The app begins to work as soon as you download and install it on your phone. It will scan your phone in search of junk files, these are the invalid files which have been left behind by apps which you have uninstalled or removed. Such files usually take up unnecessary space in your phone and are often the reason for limited phone memory. Once the app has scanned and identified all junk files, it embarks on deleting each one of them to free up phone memory. It however requires a go ahead from you to delete anything on your phone.


By scanning for and deleting junk files, the app helps to boost your phone’s speed as these usually slow down a phone’s performance. The app also enhances your phone’s performance by letting you deactivate apps running in the background. Such apps are unnecessarily using your phone’s resources.

The app will always let you know what amount of space you can free up each time it analyses your phone for junk. To further help free up memory on your phone, it will show you a list of all the apps on your phone and ask if it can uninstall any of them.

Battery saving

In addition to everything, Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner also serves to save your phone’s battery. It deactivates background apps which consume power and also provides you with battery saving tips in the form of a list of apps on your phone and suggestions to turn them off.

Privacy boosting

On top of everything, Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner also helps to safeguard your privacy as a mobile phone user. It searches your browser for information about browsing history and also bookmarks. It then suggests the deletion of such information to help protect your privacy. It also searches other areas like chats and call logs for the same purpose. You should however not fear its access to your personal information as it is generally safe.


Appearance of the app

The app comes in the form of a blue colored icon that has the picture of a broom-like item at its center. It is an animated app.

In terms of interface, it comes with a side menu and bottom and top screen features.


– It also comes with a game booster

– It is easy to use as it is animated

– It has very few pop ups

– It enables you back up files

– It has suggestions for battery saving

– It clears junk and enhances a phone’s performance

– It is a totally free app


– It has many ads

– The game booster feature is not well explained

– It can cause interference to you in the process of doing something important with your phone as it keeps analysing the phone and giving you suggestions.

Final verdict

It is highly recommendable that you install the feature on your phone if you are an Android user. The app will help boost your phone’s performance and also protect it from junk files which may harm it. Besides, you will get to enjoy all the benefits the app offers without spending any money on it.

Worth Having App – Download the App