Staying hydrated is crucial for workers who work seamlessly in any office. Especially the people who are employed in programming industries diverted from their biological cycle and find themselves with fatigue, depression, and loss of concentration as visible symptoms of dehydration. To rectify this health issue people should drink water often and they can use the fun-filled reminding mobile application Plant Nanny2 which is essentially designed for people who are frequently dehydrated.

Plant Nanny2 is crafted by Fourdesire who previously designed Plant Nanny which is an older version of this app, users can find this application is quite popular among Health and Fitness category throughout the app world. Plant Nanny2 helps people to stay hydrated by giving them a plant growing them with proper hydration. The cute-looking plants had to be hydrated daily with an appropriate glass of water as per your intake, if the user forgot to drink water at the proper interval then the plant will be sad and become depressed. By watering them properly the plant will grow and show a smiling face towards us.

Users can input their body weight and their kind of activity levels to help Plant Nanny2 to analyze the amount of water they need to drink daily. By fixing the glass of water in milliliters to calculate how many glasses you had to pour with the plant and for yourself. Plant Nanny2 will remind users by notifying them about their hydration level and creating proper drinking habits. And they can more adorable plants by unlocking many levels.

Like playing a game, users can find their dehydration issues being rectified, also there will be daily missions and rewards for those who water the plant properly and reach their water consumption level.

Plant Nanny² also provides premium subscription-based features. Users can subscribe to the “Daily Hydration Plan”, an ads-free version that enables them to create and grow their own customized plant with a unique personality and dialogue pop-ups, which motivates users to stay hydrated throughout the day.

The magical interface filled with appealing animations and graphics makes this app so adorable and this is one of the reasons for the fame of Plant Nanny2. Users can track their daily water intake and also it can generate weekly and monthly consumption status. Plant Nanny2 is optimized for all screens and able to work on multiple devices.

Plant Nanny2 is available for both Android and iOS smartphones It comes in 8 different languages including Portuguese. Users can find this app rated 4.7 for 5, and it received a huge number of appreciations from various critiques and fellow developers. Users can reach out to the supporting team through and make themselves clear about this Lifestyle app.

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