Property is considered one of the best investments nowadays. We have seen a big boom in property rates in many countries and especially those places where population is a big concern like India, China, etc. On the other side, a beautiful home is the dream of every person and when everyone can afford dreams, it’s always the luxurious one. So if we consider the two statements, it’s very easy to conclude that the earlier you buy some property, the better it is. But when you’re spending millions of dollars on a property, there should be no bars to your eyes. Go international and watch out for the best opportunities available in the market making sure that you’re clear with your purpose of buying. But visiting every place on your own isn’t the right way to do it and there are hundreds of property consultants that it’s hard to believe anyone of them. So here we have something valuable for you.


Today we’re going to review an iOS app called that has been developed by The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 5.1 or any later version of the OS. However, it’s not been optimized for the new iPhone 5.

The app is linked to the already running website of property consultancy and they have released this app to make it more accessible to the users. The best thing about this app is that you get 5-10 images of the site so that you can analyze each corner satisfactorily. Also, almost every country is included in their list and if you’re planning to move overseas, I don’t recognize any better countries than those mentioned in the list. You can set your own price range, number of rooms, area of your locality and of course, country. No doubt that if you’re planning to buy overseas, prices would obviously be high. But then you can contact the advertiser directly and enquire if there are any other plans available as well.


Though I first thought that the app is just like a hollow concept with no base to stand on, but I must say that the developers have done a lot of in depth work. I saw the property rates in my own country and because I’m in constant touch with such matters, I knew that they were hiked a little than the actual. But still, they are just showing you the ad and if you contact the advertiser, you’ll certainly settle down on a good price.


Make sure what your purpose of buying is because sometimes, a good residential property is not good for investment. For example, if a company is willing to pay double the price for a property out of city to construct a hotel on it, it’s good for investment but not from the residential point of view.

The app is available for free in the App Store. It’s available in many different languages as well. So do check out the app now!

Pros: international properties; multi-images of each site; wide price range; contact the advertiser directly; free.

Cons: prices a bit hiked in ads.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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