Mini Roco – Leaping Bump Cow is a fun-filled sensational platformer game for iPhone devices. The game is set on a beautiful landscape with features like spikes, windmills, fence, and lava that will make you think smartly as you help Roco, a silly cow reach the finish line. Come up with a strategy to conquer the World with Roco. Keep Roco away from the Spikes, lava, and protect Him from falling off. Ensure Roco feeds well to get power to help him endure; unlock fun characters that want to have a taste of the game. Collect life cells to enhance better health of your characters and get ready to race.

Get ready for more challenging levels, each level increases speed and gets longer to keep you enjoying the game.



  • Smooth controls

The controls do their job perfectly. You have full control over Roco fluffed jumps and movements. Gather speed, get balloons and help Roco collect grass. The game is exciting, so, you will not get bored any time soon.

  • Easy-to-use

The game has gorgeous illustrations and features and an addictive interface. It stands out from the enormous collection of games from the app store with its unique features. Though it is an easy app to master, completing the 24 levels is a challenging feat. Run/ roll, jump, climb, balance and bounce to move forward and achieve the best score at each level. The perfect combination of exciting missions will keep you enjoying the race. The game has areas that you have to explore and extreme platforming tasks to conquer.

  • Simple gameplay

The first levels are easy; challenges come as you advance to the other levels. The controls are excellent, you only use 3 buttons: left, right, and jump.


  • Awesome gaming sounds and entertainment

It one the most satisfying games that you will find in the App store. The most amazing thing about it is that you get a lot of chances as you desire and it resumes from where you left. You don’t have to wait for seconds to get new life, as it might be the case with other racing games. The continuous carving to move forward will make you get addicted to the game.

  • Splendid HD graphics

Awesome HD graphics is one thing that will make you love Mini Roco, for sure. The background of the app is exceptionally vivid and bright. The graphics are designed to use the typical touch display of iPhone and iPad. The game has no bugs and performs extremely well in all iphone devices.


  • Simple gameplay
  • Pretty good graphics
  • Kid friendly, especially in the starting levels



  • Challenging at advanced levels

Latest additions

  •  Improved jump for excellent gameplay
  •  Free grass stack bonus to keep Roco healthy
  •  Performance improvement

Mini Roco is a pretty cool game with simple tap controls and a bright landscape. There are a hundred reasons to love the game, from its gorgeous scenes, exciting challenges to fun-filled adventures. Mini Roco is a free-to-play game; you don’t have to pay for anything in all the 24 levels. The game is worth your attention.

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