We all love music. There will never be a day that passes by without listening to music. Radio Tuna is a real-time radio search engine that is specifically designed for the iPhone users. Although many modern music devices have replaced the traditional radios, we still love to listen to music on radio. Radio Tuna is one app that you would definitely love to have on your iPhone. With this free app, you can listen to thousands of real-time radio stations all over the world and record streams to listen later.



  • This app is available on iOS 5.0 or later versions.
  • It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • It is optimized for iPhone 5.
  • In order to access this app, you need to login through Facebook, Email. You can also create your own Radio Tuna account.
  • Once you login to the app, you can start browsing through Tuna Staff Favorites.
  • This app also allows you to search for a genre, artist, station or all time most popular hits.
  • If you want to listen to random music, you can go through the list of radio stations that pop up showing what is currently being played.
  • You can listen and share a particular track or station with your family and friends through Facebook, Twitter or Email.
  • The ‘Record’ button allows the user to save the station and listen whenever he wants to.
  • All the recordings are stored inside the app in the ‘My Music’ tab and can be deleted as and when the user wants by tapping on ‘Edit’ button.


The Good

Radio Tuna is the kind of app that every music lover wants to have on their phone. It comes with neat, minimalistic interface that will redefine your experience of listening to online radio stations. There is a wide range of music genres and sub-genres like chill, alternative rock, jazz, classical, country and folk, funk and soul, hip-hop, reggae, electronic, dance, blues and metal. Unlike any other app of this kind, it will allow the user to tweak how the stream sounds by controlling low, medium and high range frequencies and thereby altering the tone levels.

The Bad

Although Radio Tuna has everything you are looking for in a real-time radio search engine, the banner advertising on the app can be an annoying experience. The in-app purchase to remove the banner advertising and increase your recording time is something that might help you deal with it.


Radio Tuna is indeed a great (free) app that will definitely let you explore the music world. With over 300 *genres* and over 20,000 stations on one app, this is definitely a must-have app on every music lover’s iPhone. Although the user is limited to the list of stations provided by the developer, the variety and range of choice is very well enough to keep you engaged and explore new tracks and genres. It is a reliable and fast app that is worth considering.

Worth Having Application  :  Download the App Here