When I’m feeling a bit stressed out, I like to take out my frustrations in the form of online match maker app, and I know I’m not the only one. Usually I’m in the mood for an ultimate power of online match making app, but sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. For these moments, I like to fire up some kind of latest apps, and one that usually involves different concepts. That’s why I like Lyghtly – Common Interests Meet Up app developed by Lyghtly.

You can primarily spice up your life by unleashing the ultimate power of online match making app. Also ditch the mainstream dates in bars/restaurants as you switch to mutual-interest activity dates with special people nearby. Moreover you can also find adult people online and invite them to participate in hobby like sports in Miami.

Top Online Match Maker app

Whether you are a man or a woman who wants to date men or women, this popular Lyghtly app is here to let you explore the amazing new world of online dating. Importantly there is no need to waste time on mainstream social networking apps as you can use this online friend finder to invite like-minded people on dates.

You can meet New People

Are you interested to find new people and spend quality time with them? If yes, this quality friend finding app is all you need to find like-minded people and spend quality time together. You can have small introductory chats or directly move on to sending activity date invites to people you like online.

Best Interactive Friend Finder

Do you want to ditch dating and simply find a true friend online? This reputed Lyghtly app for local dating professionally allows you to explore the world of other people, connect with them and develop lifelong bonds with people who share mutual interests and hobbies with you. You can also develop your own circle of true online friends and invite them to go out to play sports and do activities you all love from time to time.

Get the Complete Privacy

Lyghtly is 100% totally safe and secure app where you can absolutely create and online dating profile and share your interests without any privacy concerns. The app provides completely confidential and streamlined dating experience for all the users.

How to use Lyghtly – Common Interests Meet Up

  • You can simply download and launch the match maker app
  • Tap on the registration button to enter personal details and sign up
  • Add personal information, hobbies, interests and update online dating profile picture
  • Set your social networking preferences
  • Use mutual interests and friend finder to meet new people and start local dating
  • Invite like-minded interesting profiles for mutual interest practices and dates
  • Add venue, date, description and title to the date invite
  • Meet, date and have fun on match maker

Key Features of Lyghtly – Common Interests Meet Up

  • It is simple and easy social networking app UI/UX
  • Has minimal local dating app layout featuring appealing design
  • Smooth login controls and match maker invite buttons
  • You can meet new people based on mutual interests
  • Use the interactive friend finder to find new people and start online dating
  • Actively send invites to like-minded people to do activities of mutual liking together
  • You can customize the invites by adding title, personalized description, date and venue to them
  • Efficiently customize your profile by adding your hobbies, dating preferences, profile image, description and interests
  • They are safe and secure social dating and networking app
  • Accept invites to go out on activity/hobby dates with people who find you attractive


I highly recommend checking out Lyghtly if you are looking to spice up your dating life by meeting people and enjoying unique dates with them. It also perfectly allows you turn socializing into fun dates.