Do you enjoy playing puzzle games? Love giving your brain some test and want to see how skilled you are in Math? Then, this one is definitely for you. The app, LULO – Lucky Logic is designed with a hint of luck along with some math logic.

The game is so simple and easy to play. You need not be a mathematic expert to clear the levels and score high. Just a few addition and subtraction will do. The app helps improve your concentration and brain power. Your goal is to get the number t5er on the top by sliding the number below to it’s correct place. You can either add or subtract the game number with the numbers above to get the results. The more number you get right the more you clear and the more gems you will earn. If you fail to solve, the numbers get piled up and the game gets over. The game play isn’t complicated but it is fair enough to puzzle you.

There is no specific time limit or target for the game. You can continue gaming as long as you can. Your score and gems collected are displayed at the top. If you exhibit good gaming skills, you will be able to collect many rewards in the form of gems and combos. The game controls and graphics are so good. The fast-paced music adds more to the spirit of solving the puzzles.

Under the menu section, users can change the look of the game by activating the skins. This adds a different look and feel to even the puzzling math. The updated version of the app comes with lesser number of ads and you will be able to remove ads for some time with the gems collected. LULO can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices and can be played for free. The more quick you are, the more rewards you will earn.

The app can be a great pastime when you are travelling, or having a leisure time at home or when you have to wait somewhere in a parking lot or a bank. This puzzle game is suitable for all those above 3 years of age. It is very addictive and I bet you won’t stop playing it. Download LULO now and have unlimited fun with this simple math game. You can make a one-time purchase and choose to remove all the ads.

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