Android navigation apps have become an increasingly popular way of getting around, whether on foot through smartphones, or as part of integrated GPS and heads-up display (HUD) in vehicles, and via augmented reality glasses. Some of the strengths provided by navigation apps include basic mapping, directions, the selection of landmarks, and reports on traffic conditions, accidents, the weather, and the opportunity to share information with other road users. Some of the best android navigation apps available make use of these features, and include, in no particular order:

1 – Google Maps

Still the leading choice for navigation across platforms, Google Maps has the advantage of an established brand name and the photo system of Google Street View. GPS voice guiding helps with navigation, while check-in features are provided via Facebook and Google Maps Navigation. Syncing with Google Earth also means that it is possible to gain a better sense of scope for an area.

 2 – GPS Essentials

This app builds on Google Maps’ basic architecture by adding more detailed information for travellers. Information ranges from a dashboard showing miles travelled, as well as longitude and latitude readings, the time of sunset and sunrise, and satellite tracking. As a free app, GPS Essentials comes highly recommended.

  3 – Tube Map

Ideal for the commute around London, this Tube based app brings together a basic route planner with updates on delays, new routes, and any other issues that might arise during the daily running of the train service. Social networking and real time updates mean that it’s easy to stay on top of the latest changes.

 4 – CoPilot

Ideal for long journeys, CoPilot is somewhat pricier than most other navigation apps at around £20, but provides excellent value for money by being able to program in highly detailed journeys, and for its real-time tracking and updating of route information.

5 – BikeRoute

A specific app for bike users, BikeRoute is tailor-made to particular routes, and is also able to provide information about local safety points, traffics, and recommended links for repair shops.

6 – Endomondo Sports Tracker

Combining a sports app with navigation features, Edomondo’s Sports Tracker makes it easy to not get lost when running, and provides detailed route information, interruptions, and information on fitness rates and routine.

 7 – Loopt

Social network focused, Loopt connects together different users on the same network to share locations, map out delays, and run information and stories through integrated blogs.

8 – Locale

A useful app if you find yourself moving between various places during the day and night, Locale is a clever app that automatically adjusts the setting on your phone depending on where you are. For example, it’ll set reminders for when you leave the house, and will put itself into silent mode in the cinema.

9 – Wisepilot

While similar to many other navigation apps, Wisepilot has the benefit of extensive details, voice alerts, and extensive monitoring of different stages of a route.

10 – Waze

Waze is optimised to best handle traffic congestion, and works to provide recommendations for avoiding delays, and for navigating your way out of difficult situations on busy roads.

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