Big Gun  developed by 9thQ, is an ios game available in the apple store which takes out the gangster in you. It recreates the genre of gangsters for apple users, with iOS versions of 3.2 or above. It is compatible with iPhone 4, iPod touch and I pad.

Big gun is a character playing ios game, where you are first asked to create your character. You can choose from 18 characters and can style them in anyway. You have an assortment of accessories and hairstyles to give your character. Once that is done you can become part of the gang warfare by launching your career, from over 200 sites and 25 cities to choose from. You can chose from over 500 types of equipments and arms for your character. In the beginning though you are allowed to take arms in just 6 cities which are Miami, Paris, Sicily, New York and Tokyo. You are to fight the gangs already established in these cities and take over them.  More arms and equipment are unlocked as you take over more gangs.  Big Gun ios game allows you to interact with players from all over, as its global servers connect thousands of players. This is an online game for those who enjoy competing with other players online.

Although some might find this game a little dark, but from the first players perspective it has great graphics. It has outstanding American style characters, quipped with great music. Its art work is very fresh and is designed especially for the new iPhone’s retina display screen. If you enjoy Player v/s player sort of interface you will be definitely pleased by what 9thQ has to offer in this gangster themed game. The best part is there are no boundaries or rules to follow.

You can just play big gun by connecting to their global servers; the game spreads across 3 continents. So, whether you are a fan of American gangsters, European Mafia or the Asian triad, you will find something to suit your style. You have to take control of these three sections of gangs one by one. You can upgrade and modify key items which you chose in the beginning of the game throughout your game play. The graphics and the themes are excellent which would certainly engross you in the gangster world. Since big gun connects to a global server you are sure to find someone to play gangster with any time of the day. However, since the game  uses infrequent profanities, crude humor, mild mature themes, nudity and frequent violence user discretion is advised.

The iphone game allows you to unleash  the gangster in you. Game is designed from first-person perspective, with tremendous graphics.  If you enjoy players v/s player type of interactive games. You will definitely enjoy Big Gun.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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