Most people who get stuck in traffic wish they had a person they can connect on the same level of feeling as they do. Well, it so happens that people who are stuck in traffic tend to feel the same irritation as all others around them. Connecting with such people makes it easier to form quick bonds and new acquaintances. The possibility of naturally connecting with people in the next lane is exciting to enjoy.

‘CommComm Traffic Social Group’ is a mobile app that allows users to connect with people near them. During this COVID-19 crisis, find people near you and connect with them. This app allows people to find other people near them with similar interests.

Developed by:

CommComm Traffic Social Group’ is developed and maintained by CommComm.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘CommComm Traffic Social Group’ mobile app on your smart device. You can simply turn on your internet and get connected to other users on the road. You can see what their interests are and what car they are in. The app allows you to connect to a maximum of five people each day for free. CommComm is a safe and secure social network where you can be yourself and chat with new people and find friends near you. Meet and connect with new people every day on the highway.

Features of the app:

‘CommComm Traffic Social Group’ has many exciting features. Some are listed here.

  • Connect with other cars within a 50 mile distance of your location for free
  • Find someone to carpool with
  • You can reach out to five people through messages every day
  • You get to become a Gold member by activating your membership and get upgraded benefits.

Compatible with: