It is possible to come across many prospective users who appreciate and applaud this professionally marvel iphone application for better introduction to the global service providers. This expedient iphone proclaims and glitters as unique service providers for all the international users. This discreet application is considered to be the recreational photo editing tool which permits users to digitally super impose life-like tattoo artwork onto any part of their photos’ subjects in seconds.

By this potent iphone application you could add in a diamond heart onto someone’s shoulder, a moon design onto their bicep or one of many other inspired professional designs anywhere, since this cogent app is just the ticket to do so.

They also professionally include over two hundred and fifty unique pieces of tattoo artwork with cogent sixteen of which are offered immediately once the user downloads this app. While the remainder is offered via in-app purchase should users want to access them?

This cogent iphone application is professionally built for entertainment; this app savors serves extremely intuitive user interface which makes moving, sizing, and placing tattoo illustrations throughout saved photos a process which is so haste and easily that even the most global users will have no trouble mastering it.

In order to choose photos to use users can either browse through their photo library or take a new photo right through the app as well. If at once users have finished editing photos they are free to share them with kith and kin via numerous social networks including Facebook and Twitter, as well through email. It can all be done in mere seconds from directly within the app.


In case if you want to view what a tattoo would look like on yourself, what a spade heart would look like on your lovers arm, or if you simply want to play a joke on your friends, you can use this entertaining application.

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This app is so Really Really fun. It is really easy to use. My grandmother now has tattoos in all her photos. The skull pack is awesome! – Review by dxwoodward (itunes store)

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