Generally finding answers to puzzles will make us refresh in our lazy mood. If we get such kind of puzzles in game format, then it is really good.  Hill stone animation studio has released a Bewilder Animals puzzles game to refresh your mind and to check your IQ. Game does not has any complicated concept to confuse the players.

Bewilder Animals iphone game has a simple concept which can rejuvenate the player from his lazy mood. As per game play the game contains 101 animals. At starting of play, the animal figure is in puzzled format and the player has to arrange the animal in right format with minimum moves.

After completion of the arrangements, player can share it with social media friends like facebook and twitter. The great thing about the game is that player will get some useful info about the animal which they arranged at the end of the game play. For kids, these kind of info will much helpful and to help them to know much more about different animals survives in forest.

Cool graphics and wonderful animal images adds more value to the game play. Sound track makes feel good atmosphere to the player. The developers has also released more versions of the game and they are Bewilder Flowers, Bewilder Scientists.

This Puzzle game available on itunes store for minimum cost of $0.99. Just download it on your iphone and have full fun with knowledge.

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