Local is great. Local food, local culture, local shops. What about local music? I’ve always found it difficult to discover quality, local talent from genres I like listening to and I know local artists and musicians often have trouble building a foundation of local fans – now WaveStation is here to change the game.

Available to download on iOS, WaveStation is a purpose-built platform to let local musicians generate exposure for their music and events to a local audience. On the flip side it lets users discover awesome local talent and events.

This app sounds like a blessing for musicians. It’s super easy to upload a track with no complicated tags or keywords to deal with. Just fill in your track details, choose the genre and release it. You can use WaveStation to promote events, too. Your tracks and events will be discoverable on an interactive map which other users can take a look at. The concept just makes sense and is sure to be a great tool for musicians looking to build a strong local fan base.

It’s important to cover the financial aspect – WaveStation promises to pay artists 3x more per stream than their competitors such Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music and Google Music. Artists will also be able to receive donations directly from fans. A music platform that treats and pays artists what they deserve is a winner, in my opinion.

If you aren’t an artist don’t worry, It’s a really cool app if you’re like me – a total music junkie. Using the interactive map you’ll be able to discover quality local music and stay in the loop with local events. You can even support your bands and send direct donations to them or pay for event tickets directly from the app – very convenient!

WaveStation is a sleek, fresh music discovery platform dedicated to supporting the local music scene. If local music is your thing – this is a must download.

Download WaveStation on iOS now.