Among several expedient applications this app holds good for the global users. They are considered to be the life sharing mobile app for instant selling and buying, renting and hiring, dating and exchanging anything you require. They are light, easygoing, fun and friendly for young and active mobile users.

This discreet application is haste, free and facile to use. It has several cogent savors like allowing determining you geo location, typing the text using suggests and hash-tags, taking a picture or upload it from the library, stating the price or use price suggests, assigning the category post.

They also provide wide range of possibilities to make one’s post a success – facile edit and make changes in any detail for sales appeal. They also make the whole process as facile as possible by suggesting actions, objects and popular prices, geo locates you by default, aptly saves you favorites, replies and drafts.

This expedient application has many savors which facilitates the global users. It includes features like the possibility of following interesting categories, objects, actions, cities etc. using one or several filters. They have potent convenient instrument for classifieds sift.

The discreet application has Hash tags which is the facile way to organize classifieds, haste way to type, shortest way to post.  You could witness all professional actions with cogent instant posting, instant photo uploading, instant feedback, no spam or moderation delay. They also have facile spam blocking. You can just tap block and you won’t get any spam from this certain IP-owner. By this you can block such IP at once and forever.

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Working fine and great social app – Reviewed by niezam Sandakan (itunes store)

Worth buying app –   Download the App