Do you have a pet? Most of the answers are sure to be yes and the frequency of animal lovers being pet owner of a cat covers the most part of the bandwidth. And why not! I mean cat is such a lovable pet that anyone will for it. But cat is normally a very shy and calm pet and you just don’t expect something ‘crazy’ from its side. You feed it and in return get a kiss when you return back home. But what if someone like from the “Stuart Little” comes your way and slowly and shortly you begin to disclose all its secrets. What would be you reaction? Are you still willing to keep the pet and take care of it? If you are, then keep reading. Even if not, we still have something down our sleeve to show you. So, it’s better if you keep continuing.


I am talking about the recently released iOS app, MewSim that has been developed by Dynamic Pixels. We have already seen the glamour this developer brings on the screen with Goal Defense. MewSim is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later version of the OS. The app has also been optimized for iPhone 5. The app is an animal simulator and is very interactive and engaging with all different activities involving you.


The developer has kept all the users in his sight while designing the app. Therefore, there are options available on the pet for you to choose about his sex, colour and name. These features give plenty much of variation and cover a wide range of users as the two characters are completely different and choices differ from one person to another. But this is not all that makes this animal simulator one of the best in the field. You take care of the pet regularly. You can feed him, buy him toys, decorate the house and there are many other activities to pass time. Apart from these regular activities, you can play two mini-games included in the game which are a part of the actual gameplay.


The best part about the game is its graphics and animations. The pet actually interacts with you every time you feed him/her or brush his hair. It’s not like you’re feeding him and suddenly the picture changes and a fatter cat comes on the stage. Other than that, you can exchange your pet with your friends via Bluetooth. This way your pets will also like a change and you’ll get something new to play with.


The app is available for free in the App Store. But to be frank, you need to actually buy everything from the in-app purchases. Yes, it’s true that you can score some points in the mini-games but still you need to pay some real cash to keep your cat being fed on regular basis.

I liked the game very much and there was lot of content to check out. Go grab your copy right now!

You can see Video of the App Here.

Pros: nice animations; detailed graphics; plenty of content to check out; free.

Cons: most of the gifts are paid.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download the App Here