Essentially, undertaking different sessions of workout in the gym or any training facility contributes to a healthy and happy life. This is because it helps keep an individual fit both physically and mentally. During the process, great music combination is known to highly stimulate great performance and high concentration thus ultimately giving better results. The introduction of Fitunes app is a great boost to any individual who performs different training exercises. This English-based app that was updated on 8th May, 2016 simply acts as a great platform where one can listen to different types of music which mostly comes from Les Mills.

Actually, to make it much efficient, this version 2.3 provides different direct links media platforms. This implies that the user can directly connect to sites like YouTube. Music and Spotify and get all sorts of music with much ease. Another interesting feature incorporated in this Fitunes app is its ability to allow the user to access online Les Mills’s playlist of tracks that are trending. Thus an individual does not necessarily need to create a playlist. That can really save on time! Besides, the latest list of songs will always keep the workout lively, exciting and up-to-date.


Compatibility of Fitunes app

The designers of this app (Genius Sbs Lab Limited) have taken great consideration in offering a high quality app that s compatible with highly defined devices. Actually, this app is known to operate efficiently on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. In relation to the operating system, it needs iOS 7.0 or any new upgraded version available.

What is entailed in Fitunes App

Apparently, this incredible comes along with top ten best routines from Les Mills that have been incorporated into the track list. This is meant to give the user full exposure to the songs that will highly help to improve workout performance. Interestingly, Fitunes goes a step further to ensure that there are constant updates of latest songs on quarterly basis. Besides, the users can get a chance to enjoy bonus tracks and durations that are included together with other tracks for exercises.

Another thing that the user will discover about the Fitunes is the wide exposition to different categories of songs. The classification is done in a very efficient and effective way. This makes it easy to play different tunes according to the track titles, song durations, artist names and even for different types of exercises.

Below are some of the components that the user of Fitunes app can experience in the Less Mills training classes:


1. BodyStep

This is a great combination of songs that tend to rejuvenate energy into an individual thus making one feel completely free and lively.

2. BodyCombat

This is a class presented on Fitunes that involves cardio workouts such as tai chi boxing, karate, taekwondo among others.

3. BodyAttack

The songs adapted in this class are unique as the users mostly focus on muscle buildup and stamina improvement.


During this cardio workout class, there are quite a lot of movements where the users tend to mix different dancing styles besides adopting different sound effects. Fitunes app plays a great role in offering the best combination of such songs.


In this workout category, the impact of fitness applied is a bit lower and the energy applied is slightly reduced. The major purpose is to achieve core strength and general body fitness.


If there is a class that is meant to boost your entire body strength, then the BodyPump does it perfectly. The music adapted works really efficient to boost the entire performance of an individual’s body.


Nowadays, it is clear that most individuals have adopted indoor cycling as a workout experience. Fitunes has taken into account that aspect and integrated great and powerful rhythms of music that aligns well with this form of workout.


Getting a body balance is a great factor that boosts the level of concentration. Fitunes identifies different forms of workout like Tai Chi and Yoga which requires typical music in order to achieve maximum concentration, strength and flexibility.

9.Grit cardio

This is a form of a workout that imposes high impact meant to improve athletic capability by enhancing fast energy production. Actually, in this case an individual uses no equipment at all thus a good music can boost greatly the overall performance.


Actually, this is a kind of dance workout that is Latin-inspired and it is absolutely fun-filled and really addictive. The kind of music adopted keeps on changing with the pace at which the styles are changed.

Other common classes also undertaken include the Grit Plyo, Grit Strength and CXWORX and they too adopt different and uniquely identified songs.


Here are the Pros and Cons that are evident in this great Fitunes app:


· The menu is systematic and simple to understand

· Amazing entertainment boosts concentration

· The quality of sound features is exceptional

· Classic design with great themes

· Quick and efficient to get track list


· Mild performance after a period of time

· Inconvenient sometimes in areas with no internet connection

Final Verdict

In summary, Fitunes app has surpassed the standards of a normal app and transcended beyond users expectations. Its excellent performance, consistent reliability, high quality themes and graphics and the incorporated Les Mills classes makes it exceptional. It is a must app for any passionate individual undertaking some workout. It is currently downloadable at App Store (for only $1.99) and sure enough, the value obtained is just immeasurable. Why not get it today?

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