Games are part of the android family and when we talk of some of the interesting game apps we can talk about Hop Hop Away. Hop Hop Away is simply a puzzle action game that deals mainly with abused bunnies that in most cases live on the EVOL circus. This game is very interesting in that it gives you the opportunity of being the chief controller. You will have to ensure that you make right decisions as you assist the bunnies as they journey in quite a number of environments that are different.


The efforts of the bunnies are always aimed at escaping the EVOL circus and the corresponding cruel ringmaster so as to reach their promised land safely which is the Happy Farm. In the puzzle that exist in this game, ensure that you make quite some accurate decisions and actions so that you will help the bunnies survive and venture an environment that is better than the EVOL circus. You will be required to fill the happy meter so as to make some progress in the game and with the many obstacles that you will encounter, keep in mind to make good strategies on the game. However, as you navigate over the interactive objects of the world, make sure to wisely make good moves since any mistake will always be your loss. The game will also depend on the amount of treats that you would have eaten since that is the only way at which you will open up some portals for a better and secretive world. With quite a number of features that are missioned to ensure that the whole game is very entertaining, the game is one that you must opt to download on his/her iPad or iPhone.


The following are some of the amazing features that are present in the Hop Hop Away.

  1. More than sixty challenging levels.

Hop Hop Away is not very different from other games that are present for various android users that have levels. It is unique in its nature in that it has more than sixty challenging levels that you will have to compete in thus competitive for entertaining reasons. Ensure that you make wise moves on helping the bunnies move to the next level since each and every level is will always be very competitive for you.

  1. Creation of Magic walls.

Hop Hop Away is also amazing in its own nature for it allows you to make magic walls. These magic walls are always beneficial since in one way or another it keeps the bunnies protected.

  1. Saving Caged Animals.

The game allows you to save any caged animals to allow them to journey with you on various competitive levels. Make sure to save more and more caged animals so that you will build a strong empire.


  1. Sharing of videos.

You can simply share any of your replay videos with your friends to show off your level at which you managed to reach. This can be achieved through the Everyplay plugin and with that competition you will be enjoying the game.

These are some of the amazing features of Hop Hop Away and you download it so as to have a better gaming experience.

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