When you plan for a vacation it is natural to feel excited for the approaching day. You can feel relaxed and the cares melt away as you embark on your journey to a land far, far away. Download and install the Vacation countdown app on your smart phone and get to know the countdown to your vacation. This application suits both Android and iOS.

How the app works:

Install the application on your smart phone and input the day you start your vacation. You will be given a countdown to the day easily without any hassle. The app will display the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds until you get to start out on your vacation.

The application also gives you tourism facts about places around the world and allows you to set up themes on the background based on the vacation place you are going to. These themes include a beautiful Hawaii waterfall, map of Europe, and a honeymoon theme and so on.

The app also includes daily quotes that can be shared with your friends too. Most people forget to make a vacation checklist. Vacation countdown app allows you to create a checklist which will make sure you remember to pack the items you need.

Features in the app:

The application has cool games and fun things you can engage yourselves in like ‘Flags of the World’, ‘Geography’, ‘USA’, ‘Eurpoe’, ‘Hawaii’ and so on to keep your days ticking until you feel the rush of the vacation.

You can set themes to your application that involves various travel places. Also you can choose the countdown display which you like better such as, a cute suitcase icon that displays the countdown along with your destination or a simple countdown that is displayed at the center of the screen. You can even choose which mode of time you wish to see like days, hours, minutes or seconds.

Compatible with:
Android and iOS.
Developed by:
Kulana Media Productions LLC
Travel & local