Is your interest in Photography waning and is in need of a well deserved push? Do you like to take pictures of flora and fauna in the country like the hills, mountains, rivers or the seas of a place? Would you like to put in more information about the photo of the place that you just took of? GeoCam AR Pro is a great companion to you if the answers to the above questions is a big fat yes. GeoCam allows you to create and preview geophotos.

Geophotos are photos that have been placed with more information like the exact coordinates of that particular location. It also supplies the user about the camera orientation at the time of taking the picture. You can also put in comments about the picture that you took in order to come back to it again and remember what the photo is for. This powerful Android app also allows you to share the photos that you just taken to a friend, work buddy or your employees.

The User Interface is also very useful as well, where it employs the usual Android User Interface to look good and familiar amongst everyone. The app is also very responsive to your clicks and actions. It would also not lag in the hand phone whenever you want to determine the location of the object or place that is photographed. The functionality of the apps are also numerous as you could choose between a plethora of options and choices that you could undertake. For example, I could share and send the geophoto to my friend to notify them of my location. The application also allows me to inform the government about a nearby safety hazard likes potholes on a middle of a road so as to allow them to fix the pot hole quickly. You can also send a quick geophoto to your insurance agent lest your car got banged by other cars and the insurance agent would need information and details about the crash. Using GeoCam AR Pro, you can do these kinds of things instantaneously without leaving your Android phone or tablet.

A massive use of GeoCam AR Pro is that a normal user can generate the report about the photo instantly in a PDF format (Portable Document Format) in order to give to your superiors or just to share around the full information of the aforementioned photograph. You can then send the report to anyone you wish to by email and he could view the details about the photograph in a jiffy.

However, some disadvantages also lie in GeoCam AR Pro. Firstly, the price is a tad too expensive for normal users to afford; if you are a poor student or just does not have enough spare cash currently, and then it might pose a problem to your geotagging exploits. The Android app also requires a lot of your phone’s or tablet’s bandwidth, meaning the allocated bandwidth to your phone or device would be quickly exhausted, preventing you to do other things.

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