Classroom educators are already aware of the fact that there is a wide range of student abilities within a year level and with this come significant planning and teaching issues. A large number of students have a mathematical learning difficulty which they find it difficult to cope up with.

Well, for such students who are facing difficulty in understanding the mathematical terms, equations or methods , “catchup math” app available on apple store can help you to get pass this hurdle.

This application is perfectly designed which identifies your gap in learning and adjusts its courses accordingly. It’s superior quality andonline support can improve the students success and teachers effectiveness all credit goes to the complete curriculum work, automatic homework grading feature and intuitive reports.

The application covers grade-six math upto Geometry, College Developmental Math, Algebra 2 and drills down to basic school topics as required. Catchup math is research based and performance proven app, it identifies and bridges the gaps for high school or middle school students and under prepared college students as well. Students can log in at home or school, take quizzes and based on that they receive multi modal instruction for incorrect answers. Teachers can generate reports for tracking usage and progress of the student. It is also recommended for the secondary students before the beginning of every math course so that they are well prepared in advance. Catchup Math comes extremely handy for the students who are taking final exams or high stakes test. Many teachers use Catchup Math during their classes.

With the addition of the feature called “show work”, the app is complete with assessments, which differentiates learning lessons through videos and activities like math games. The app is very simple to use and most importantly it is affordable. The pages and reports are well designed, has simple structure which makes the job much easier. The app allows administrators to keep an eye on each student’s steps taken to solve the problem. All students can start using the catchup math service on the same day of purchase with the available self registration feature. Students chooses features that work best for them. For instance, students can choose to watch a math video, read a written lesson or complete the handson learning activity. Students have to only complete the practice problems and need not opt for review materials that don’t help them. The lessons and Flash Cards are provided in both Spanish and English language.

Professional training is available in different formats which includes:
-> On site training session with “Train the Trainer” certification programs.
-> Remote live sessions.
-> Online recording, teacher training videos and data interpretation services.

Catchup Math is less expensive and used by colleges, schools, tutorial centers and various other education providers by just filling and submitting the catchup math Order Form. It can be purchased online as well by individual students with the help of credit card.

To conclude with, catchup math app is extremely handy application which will improve your mathematical base foundation and boost your confidence to a different level.

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