Few years back before the launch of iPhone no one has ever imagined uses of phone applications. And now phone applications have become important part of any smart phone. Users before buying smart do check on number of free applications coming bundled with the phone. Same is the case in iPhone it comes with number of applications one can download from Apple’s App Store. Thousands of IT companies around the world are busy in developing different types of applications for iPhone users. Applications serving informational needs and entertainment needs such as games. But some applications are interesting as well as of questionable nature.


Some of the most interesting and questionable iPhone apps are as follows

1. Face Melter

This application is perfect to have some fun with your friends. With this application you can turn ordinary picture funny by features like stretching, you can stretch nose ears or anything on the face to make it funny and share with your friends. The developer of the application Nico Becherer has given very unique feature in this application through which user can directly online picture host Flikr for more picture database. You can change size of eyes, stretch any part of the picture just like Photoshop, giving perfect fun time to create a masterpiece.

2. Ruben & Lullaby

Ruben & Lullaby as the name suggests are two characters in this application Ruben being the man and Lullaby being women. You can control emotions of both. Created in 2009 and because of its availability this application is one which touches every loved heart. To make Ruben sad you just have to shake the screen and stroking iPhone screen makes Lullaby sad. Your phone moments can control their interactional situations. The stunning graphic and excellent artwork had made this application popular among adults.

3. Atomic Fart

We have to admit that farting is funny and none will agree that they farted. This virtual farting application turns your iPhone into virtual farting machine and that too with different types. This application is a total hit amongst teens as they enjoy making fun and enjoy using this application to create fart sounds when in a get together with friends.

4. iVoodoo

This application turns your iPhone into a voodoo magic doll. You can create up to 5 dolls and even paste pictures of your most liked or disliked persons on these dolls and play magic on them virtually. You can insert pin in different parts to showing different feelings like power, success, and love.

5. Baby Shaker

Launched by Sikalosoft in April 2009 this application is a game showing a cute baby in blankets. The application is a virtual infanticide played as you start shaking iPhone until baby’s cuddly eyes are replaced by red Xs. The red Xs tells that you killed the baby and application had timer feature which would track shake speed at which you have performed this infanticide. This is most questionable iPhone application ever launched which was later taken off from iPhone Apps store.

Above are some interesting iPhone applications which can make some serious moments fill with laughter and joy and some applications are with questionable nature which spread hate and infanticide among people.

About the author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. Besides this she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own a Schuppan 962CR one day.