More and more often, you are probably hearing of people who are taking an interest in the planet and seeing major corporations joining the green movement, advocating a cause to preserve our fragile ecosystems to give to future generations. It is without a surprise that green apps for the iPhone are sprouting all over.

If you have that eye for the green, how exciting would it be to cultivate strawberries in the woods, carnivorous plants in the jungle or palm trees in the desert, all right from your iPhone?  The Green Up is an interesting app that plant enthusiasts are sure to love. The app can be viewed as a family-oriented game and an educational tool that gives children an engaging hands-on way to learn the basics of biodiversity and ecology. They will learn some gardening basics too.

Green up offers an interesting selection of four different landscapes – jungle, desert, deciduous forest, and Mediterranean forest that also have their own distinctive temperature and rainfall patterns. It allows nature enthusiasts to grow plants from any corner of the world and thus facilitate an easy understanding of what types of plants grow under what ranges of temperature and weather.

The app serves as an educational tool for children, giving them a hands-on way of understanding the basics of the relationship between organisms and their environment and the diversity of plant and animal life in different habitats. Cultivation and other related information on ten types of seeds, including red maple, banana plant, date palm, rosebush, and a carnivorous plant, is also included as part of the app.

In a fun-filled way, the app will teach children different concepts such as the basics of earth and its hemispheres, alternatives to using pesticides, why it is easier to grow a plant in its own habitat, how fertilizers can be made from dead plants, how climate shapes the landscape etc.

Gardening basics is another vital aspects of Green Up. The app helps children learn the basics of gardening including why plants need to watered, why fertilization is important, and how plants have to be protected from pests and freezing temperatures.

Kids can also practice what they learn at school about the parts of a plant or flower. The app lets children learn on a first-hand basis and also experiment with concepts like pollination across various stages of the plant lifecycle. The iPad version of the app offers supporting text too.

Children can even create a botanical album from the app and display the collection of plants they have grown. To add to the elements of learning and fun, the app provides tools to protect and grow plants, such as fertilizers, watering cans, inspect aspirators, and even greenhouses.

Bottom Line:

These days, “Going Green” is all the rage. Developed by Isygames, a member of Moms with Apps which is a collaborative group of family-friendly developers looking to promote apps for families and children, Green Up is a great app to green up your act. Given the loads of information it teaches in a fun-filled hands-on way, the app is sure to be loved by children.

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