What’s the best way to read a story to your children or to have them read? Could it be by just giving them the book for them to visualize what’s going on? What if they’re too small to visualize what is being read? Well Eliseo is a great app for your iPad or iPad 2, since it brings the excitement of the story to life in just a few steps. From leaves blowing, to creatures bursting through the pages, this book is just the start of a great idea. The book doesn’t take up extra space in your kid’s room and you will never lose it, which also saves paper.

Merging Fantasy with reality is the key to the success when it comes to the success of this book. Your kid will love the various creatures and to have them guide you and Eliseo to the creature with the blue fur. The illustrations look great because they are hand painted by Tomasso Baldassarra, an up and coming Italian illustrator. Not only does opening the first page start your journey, it also starts curiosity when your children read it. All they have to do is pick one of the creatures or swipe the background to start hearing both music and side effects. These combine to form a great story and a new experience that will have your children begging for more when the story ends.

Apart from the paintings, this book provides particle and physical simulations which very often compare with reality. The music is original from the book and it just adds to the experience because it’s just something you have not heard before. The music, by Dario Cavada, is completely instrumental, which lets you focus on the story and not on the lyrics. Once you start the book, you can choose where the story will take you, with an interactive map that shows about fourteen locations to choose from. It really is a book where you pick the storyline, which is also great to find your children’s favorite parts of the story quickly.


The era of digital books has just begun, which is why you do not see many thriving bookstores unless you like that experience of turning the page and feeling the paper. However, have in mind that these are more expensive and they really do not help the environment. Having it on your iPad allows you to take it with your children on the go and it’s a relief when you forget their book to keep them entertained. If we could suggest anything to make this book better, it would be to have the option to read itself or word by word so that the child can learn pronunciation as well. If you would like to hear more about the book itself, feel free to check them out on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. You can see a preview of the book and its features. Apart from that, the book only costs $1.99 on the App Store, which makes it affordable. For the price, the features and the ability to see what you’re getting before you buy it makes this book a great choice and a life saver for various situations. If you are Italian or speak Italian, Merlin Dreamlab also released another book in that language, so feel free to check it out as well on their official website. We expect to see more from Merlin Dreamlab, so keep in touch with their page to find out when their next book comes out.

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