Slyon Street Tuner is an addictive car racing game where you can choose the type of car to race in different races. The racing game lets you choose over 20 different cars. The racing is pretty straightforward. You just step on the accelerator and press the forward button to race forward. The road is straight and you do not need to turn left and right to navigate the car. Your focus will be only to race forward and achieve the best results. This makes the game simpler but it can also make the game boring to others who like the challenge.

However, when you race against other cars, they might have the advantage over you as they have upgraded car parts compared to your car. The game offers upgrades like car exhaust, thermal gasket 1, intakes, manifolds, weight reduction, flywheel, phantom grip, street tires and you can even purchase 50 shot nitrous. There is equipment available for you to service your racing car too. Most of the upgrades are available via in-app purchases. The game statistics consist of the fast timing and the speed in miles per hour. The game has Openfeint leader board support for you to compete against other people based on your scores.

The game is named precisely as a car tuner game where you tune different parts of the car to win the race. This game has a different gaming satisfaction compared to other racing games. The achievement of tuning your car to the best performance which can outrace your opponent is the best addiction to this game. The game has three different races which are grouped according to using either fastest front or rear wheel drive. The last race is using any wheel drive. The game offers a casual quick race mode for people who are in a rush. You just choose quick race mode to start the race. It is simple and straightforward.

The game has nice rhythmic music to complement the fast action in the race. I will definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes fast racing game and to those people who love to fine-tune their cars. If you are not a person who is a car enthusiast, you might find this game boring as the tracks are straight and there is no chance to try out your manoeuvring skills. The game is free to download and free to try out for the quick race so you really got nothing to lose in playing this game.

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