If you thought creating your own videos was a tedious task, it’s time you explored the iOS app SKIT. This storytelling app launched by Storytime Studios, Inc. has redefined customization of videos. It comes with a wide collection of backdrops and characters that you can combine with unique animations, drawings and fonts. The result is a masterpiece of a video.

SKIT recently took up a partnership with Warner Bros., adding lots of Lego Movie characters as well as backdrops to its collection. This came alongside Batman, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Bob’s Kabob Truck, Unikitty and Wyldstyle. All one needs is to let their imagination soar and recreate the scenes of the Lego Movie. Anyone who has watched the Lego Movie is sure to get excited at the very thought of it. This, in addition to the already recreated scenes will sure intrigue you and give you enough of a heads up to get started for yourself.


Like other editing apps in the market, you could explore the myriad collection of skits created by the community or you could try your own hand at it. You can build 30 second long video clips using stickers, sounds, images, characters, movements and much more. All of these are provided to you by the app. Just grab a short story and depict it in the nest possible way using the plethora of tools SKIT has to offer.


If you feel that the available material is not sufficient, feel free to add your own touch with your own characters and objects. You just have to import it and then you can crop and edit it using the toolkit provided. Once done editing, label it for the app to recognize as a background, character or object. Although this process sounds complex, it is as simple as editing can get. Recording the video and scripting it requires just a single button to be pressed. Use your finger for animating the video and your voice to narrate your story. With that, you can tell your own stories uniquely.

SKIT does not require you to record any footage prior to recording. Following your instructions, the app does this for you too. Once you have created your creative masterpiece, sharing it with family and friends is easy with the app’s integration with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social networks. With the growing popularity of videos, they indeed make an excellent platform for one to share their messages and experiences.


There’s so much that can be done with this iOS app. One can create memes, remix existing videos, and import photos from Facebook to create a scrapbook. If you do not have enough material of your own to create a video, you can also pick up your favorite video from the SKIT community and remix it with some spice and fun animations. Explore what others have done to widen the horizon of your thoughts and you can also comment, like and follow people from the community. Available for iOS devices with iOS 4.3 or higher free of cost, this app indeed has resulted in masterpieces. You just have to let the creative juices flow and it will help you clear any hurdles in your path.

Good: Vivid collection of characters and backdrops

Bad: The limited length of the videos can be restricting at times.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App