It is time to become super famous after getting numerous superlikes from the Kingdom of Selfie Expression! This is a clear picture that the user gets from the recently developed Cinderly app. Having been designed by Theoretical Mass LLC, this incredible app brings out beauty through providing elegant and stylish unicorn. Clearly, with Cinderly app, a new world of possibilities in relation to fashion and style has been introduced to ardent fashion lovers. Apparently, the entire experience from this great app is quite fascinating. Through crowdsourcing, the app goes ahead to come up with personal style that perfectly matches with the size of a dress. Once the user has selected the best style, the next thing is to showcase the outfit to the community. This would absolutely result to super likes which can turn the user into a superstar!

The Functionality of the Cinderly app

This app has proven to be one of the pretty simple ones to operate and use. Once the user has been introduced to different personalized styles, the next thing is to have a perfect selection. An individual is given a chance to explore the available styles and try out new ones. There is an option for sharing with others where the user can get a “wand of awesomeness” as a sign of applause. Meanwhile, trolling is not allowed in the Kingdom of Cinderly and any such act performed by an individual result to banishment.


Features included in the Cinderly app

The distinct features found in this great app include the following:

Perfect storage of favorite looks

As a user, there are some of the styles that will appear quite outstanding and one may want to refer to them later. Cinderly app has the capability of allowing the user to save such favorite looks by adding them to the wish list.

Tap the wand to create a runway

This is a great feature that has been integrated in this app where one can just tap the want to change the entire feed to a personalized runway. The user can then proceed to try out different styles such as Cosplay, Mermaid and Kawaii on the runway to receive the amazing super likes.

Get a taste of the app-in animated stickers

The gorgeous animated stickers adopted by this app can be obtained at the in-app purchase platform. Meanwhile, the user can purchase these emoji-type super likes or get a chance to earn them as rewards when using the app.

Experience the wand of awesomeness

The Cinderly app offers a momentous experience to the users where they can share the new looks that they have explored. On this event, the user gets to receive an applause from the ‘wand of awesomeness’ which opens a way to becoming super famous.

High quality graphic design

As the user is introduced to the fashion platform in the Cinderly app, it is notable that the styles that have been incorporated are quite elegant and highly designed. The entire classical design applied is meant to ensure that the needs of the user are fully satisfied and expectations exceeded. Besides, the developers have introduced the �Fit For You’ feature to ensure that users get the perfect style and dress sizes to try out.


Here are the Pros and Cons that can be noted by the user in this app:


· Elegant styles worth trying; Kawaii, Mermaid and Cosplay

· A fantastic moment to become super famous

· The best platform for selfie expression

· Easy to save favorite looks

· The app is orderly and accommodating- no trolling!


· Bug problem leading to performance slowdown

· Infrequent in total output at some time


Getting amazing superlikes after showing off some stylish outlook sounds quite fascinating! This is the utmost experience that the Cinderly app brings to its users. It goes ahead to make one super famous after being acclaimed with the ‘wand of awesomeness’. Truly, a selfie expression moment cannot be fully achieved without incorporating this great app. Thus, any fashion lovers should not miss a chance of getting this app today. It is currently available at App Store for free download. Don’t miss out!

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