Mobile gamers have been craving an authentic Pokemon experience on their smartphones for years, but so far none has come. Until now.

Paramon Clash: Evolution, from Fangcun Interactive, is a proper classic monster-collecting game on mobile. But it’s more than just a mobile Pokemon clone, thanks to a few little flourishes of its own.

This mobile-exclusive multiplayer RPG sees you hunting, catching, and evolving a huge array of cute monsters in a massive fantasy world before throwing them into real-time turn-based PvP duels and events.

These duels are nicely streamlined, letting you deploy a battery of spells, strikes, and special moves with simple taps and swipes.

Paramon Clash: Evolution has some solid multiplayer action going on. Not only is there real-time PvP and co-op to get your teeth into, but the game also gives you live voice chat  to help you coordinate your moves and berate your friends.

Outside combat there’s a whole fantasy world to explore, with puzzles to solve, Paramon to catch, and several environments to traverse, such as deserts, caves, and forests. On top of that, the game lets you learn new life skills and develop your homeland.

We dig how Paramon Clash: Evolution looks. The cartoony graphics are super-polished and the monster designs are adorable. But the thing we like most is that it’s totally free. You can fork out for IAPs to help you get ahead if you like, or you can play the whole game for nothing.

You can download Paramon Clash: Evolution for free in the US and many other territories right now. [App Store / Google Play]