Mobile games are a nice way to pass time and they are quite interesting as well. They have become a part of our daily activities to entertain us. Are you a mobile gamer then spend your leisure time with Tap & flap bird mobile game and maintain your mental health also. Tap & flap will surely entertain you and keep you charged and eases out your stressful life.  

Tap & flap birdis easily accessible by everyone and can be played by all members of all stages to make your life a fun-filled one. The smooth controls allow us to have perfect control in the game and collect coins on the go by increasing the points in the leader board by competing with friends and family and enjoy the intense experience.

Tap  Bird Flying
Put on your seatbelt as it is time to enter bird survival gaming mania. A flying bird needs your help to complete a deadly sky journey without falling or getting hit by a tunnel. Tap on the screen to keep the bird in the air, dodge the obstacles. Keep calm under highly pressurizing situations and boost your skills. 

Impossible Sky Journey Game
Your presence of mind goes well here. Play carefully and act quickly to avoid any falls and hits. The hyper-casual bird game demands a lot of focus, attention, patience, and right reflexes to create a high score. You cannot make the slightest of the mistakes or you will end up losing the game no matter how far you have come in it. Drive-in your focus and concentration using this game.

Collect Coins and Score Big
To make the game interesting numerous coins will be scattered everywhere in the bird survival game. Tap and fly to catch them all and make the most of your bird flying game experience. Use the coins to unlock amazing accessories for the bird from the shop.
Features of Tap Flap Bird
⦁ Simple and easy game UI/UX
⦁ Highly appealing sky journey game layout featuring smooth controls
⦁ Easy Tap controls to keep the bird in the air
⦁ Choose from 4 beautiful levels (glacier, forest, desert, and lake)
⦁ Collect coins in the escape adventure impossible game
⦁ Use coins to unlock amazing accessories to style your bird
⦁ Easy to play, addictive yet hard to master bird survival game
⦁ Interactive sound effects and cool background music for an immersive experience
⦁ Compete against friends and family and excel on the leader board
⦁ Endless arcade game featuring new challenges every time you play it

How to play Tap Flap Bird?

⦁ Download and launch the escape adventure game on your device
⦁ Select your favorite bird and background environment.
⦁ Tap on the play icon to start the game 
⦁ Tap  on the screen to guide the flappy bird through obstacles
⦁ Steer clear of the hurdles in the hyper-casual game. 
⦁ Play as long as you like to become the winner

To conclude Tap & flap bird game will give you amazing gaming experience by not only entertaining you but also gives you the other related health benefits, including lowering your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate reducing muscle tension and chronic pain. Try it right now and get yourself buckled with loads of fun.