Among several expedient iphone applications this potent app stands good for the global users. This cogent app is an email management tool which delivers immediate pop-up and ring tone notifications for important emails and/or messages received via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and eBay. It is a solid app which does professionally what it aims to quite well. They are trying to replace the corporate Blackberries with iPhones and this persuasive app is making possible.

This discreet iphone application develops your life easier by delivering all the important emails to your attention immediately. It is possible to specify the important emails you want to receive, customize the alert, and this potent iphone application notify you instantly when you receive an email from one of your priority contacts.

They also include now featuring Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter integration. More over with click of a finger you can easily reply back and launch into the Facebook or the LinkedIn app. They have also added eBay notifications so that it is possible to know instantly when anything changes on your bid or when you get a prospective sale.

They also have free service for the first month so you can give it a try efficiently. More over they have no contract and so it is possible to cancel anytime. This discreet application is compatible with receive email push notifications for any IMAP or POP3 account like hotmail, g mail and MobileMe.

They also provide ultra secure data encryption so that you can rest and assure your login information is protected. The persuasive iphone application utilizes the SSL by default for both IMAP and POP3 email servers to ensure an extra layer of security. It automatically syncs with your email account and also professionally permits you to clearly identify specific emails by assigning voiceover ring tones.

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This app is a must for ipad and i phone users! Both the filtering as well as timer feature are just awesome. There are plenty of different notification types. – Comment by user denver steve

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