iPad is becoming most popular electronic device which is having special entertaining gaming part. Wide screens, cool effects, sound tracks has made people to love ipad games. There are many upcoming PC game development companies also has started developing iphone and ipad games because of selling rate of those devices.

I would like to review an arcade, adventure and entertaining ipad game “ Hungry Time” which has been developed by Hill Stone Animation studios. Hungry Time ipad game has two main characters, Owl and Bunny.

At first level of game, you will have been asked to select a friend from either owl or bunny. The game mode will be changed depends on the friend you are going to be selected.  Lets see how it changes the game play. If you have selected bunny as your friend, you need to save the fruits from the arrows thrown by the owl.  By moving the fruit on the screen, you need to protect from breaking.

If you have selected Owl as your friend, the game play will be reversed that you need to break the fruits which is falling from the tree. The arrow will be in your control to break the fruits. The developers have made the back grounds much clever. While you are a friend of a bunny, the game play happens at day time. When owl is your friend the game play mode changed from daytime to night time with dark effect.

If you saved more fruits to bunny, your name will be added in the best friend list of bunny. Meanwhile, if you broke more fruits, your name will be added in th best friend list of Owl. Sound effects adds realistic game play.


Its fun and interesting jungle game play for kid on wide screen of ipad and it is available especially for ipad high resolution on itune store for just $0.99.

Customer Rating :  *  *  *  *  *

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