Marriage is a very big responsibility of the parents and most importantly the bride and the groom. Because life will be totally changed after the knot is tied between the two. Don’t worry, I’m not complaining about the two souls! But, the other things that are very much necessary for living a healthy and happy life. Some couples want kids after getting married and some people want to enjoy their life a little more and plan kids there after!

There are a lot of important things required for the upbringing of a child till their marriage. For example- finance, which is the most important constraint. Some people are rich, some are average and some can’t afford that much on their child’s education and other facilities. But every parent wants to give facilities to their child which they can afford and everyone has the ‘right to education’. Now the time has been changed, there are not any financial obstacles which occur in between the education of a child. Everybody wants to be educated, whether a girl or a boy.

Today, there are a lot of financial schemes which can help you in managing funds for your child’s education to secure their future. And the technology has made it simpler by launching some of the apps that make it handy. You can invest money right at your fingertips and safeguard your child’s future. One of them is “U-Nest”, which is an easy to use mobile app that establishes and manages a tax-free college fund for your child in minutes.

To begin with U-Nest, you need to download it and install on your device. You can read out the offers and make up your mind to choose a plan. You can start saving for your kids with as little as $25 per month. U-Nest is free to download and charges a simple monthly fee of $3 per account which will be collected by the same payment method. The app links your bank account to the app and automatically transfer money each month into your child’s plan.

According to the experts, a “529 College Savings Plan” is the most optimal way to save money for educational expenses due to its tax advantages and investment options. No matter to what income group you belongs, U-Nest makes savings and investing so easy. Moreover, it ensures that your money is invested in the smartest possible way given the age of your child (and when they expect to need the money of their education) and the expected risks and returns of stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles.

U-Nest is fully secured and registered financial advisor with the securities and exchange commission and is backed by a team of experienced financial experts and advisors with decades of experience. The app has been developed by U-Nest, LLC and is compatible with the latest version of the iOS.

The app is just flexible, you can check the account information, how much amount is being invested, etc. It picks a personalized investment portfolio for your child based on his/her age and when they will need the money for their education.

So starting saving money by investing in your kids’ future now!

PROS: easy to set up; tax-free growth; easy tracking; simple and fast; affordable; secure app; flexible; makes saving easy to secure a child’s future.

CONS: none.

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