Music lovers take note: the Edge Music iPhone app has landed. This app is designed to enhance your music video experience, ensuring that you make the most of both the audio and visual content of the latest music releases.

Curate and view your personal playlist with this handy app

We all love creating iTunes playlists, but with this cool Edge Music app, we can also create playlists of our favorite videos as well. This is perfect for those times when you want to copy dance moves that you have seen on a music video, or easily access and share video content with music loving friends.

Another handy feature of the Edge Music app is the fact that it enables you to take and store screen shots of the music videos that you have added to your playlist. Capture your favorite moments and share them on social media with the utmost ease whenever you like.


Discover new music

Another feature of this app is the ‘Recommendations’ tab which enables you to have hot new releases at your fingertips. This content is tailored to suit your interests (though you can manipulate this feature to make it more random if you like), so that you can build the perfect, personalized playlist without having to trawl through tons of music that you do not like in order to find videos that fit in with your individual tastes.

What is new with Version 3.4?

The Edge Music app has been around for a while in various versions, and the latest version is Version 3.4. This new version provides several improvements on previous versions. So, if you are only hearing about this app for the first time right now, then it is recommended that you download Version 3.4 from the very start. And, if you have got previous versions already on your smartphone, upgrading to the new and improved Version 34 is highly recommended.
Version 3.4’s major selling point is the fact that it introduces the personal playlist function described above. Alongside this, however, it also offers better bug fixes, new and improved app icons and several other little tweaks to performance to make everything go more smoothly and efficiently.


One significant thing to note with the latest iteration of this app is that it is only compatible with certain generations of iPhone, so it is important to check that your device is compatible with the app before downloading it. To be more specific, the Edge Music app is only compatible with iOS 9.0 and above – however it can be used with a variety of devices, including iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

The Final Verdict on the Edge Music App

In today’s gif driven society, video content is an integral part of the music experience. The Edge Music app is ideal for ensuring that you can make the most of the visual aspect of the latest releases. If you enjoyed curating playlists on services such as Spotify or iTunes, then you will love being able to transfer that capability over to video content. Whilst it may be frustrating that this app is only compatible with newer iOS technology, Version 3.4 offers significant improvements over previous versions of the app.

Worth Having App – Download the App