It is always fun to see different musical performances being made by children, especially those at a tender age. This clearly explains the mastery behind their performance and the effort that they have channeled in order to achieve that level of understanding and give exceptional performance. Indeed. Music has always been a great art that clearly disseminate great message for children and highly assist in building and instilling confidence within them.

Interestingly, with Mussila app, children are bound to have a fantastic music game experience since this amazing app introduces them into the basics of the music. Designed for children under the age bracket of 6-8 years, Mussila app leaves nothing to chances but rather ensures that the child gets the best out of the music.

Getting a Clear view of Mussila app

At first, one will realize that this game takes a professional outlook through getting its adaptation from a musical curriculum. Designed and developed by Rosamosi Ehf, this incredible game is bound to give children a great learning experience so as to boost their skills both in music and in instruments. An interesting feature is that once the kids are well-trained, they can proceed to compose and make their own record music. This is something worth experiencing!

This amazing game has undergone a series of different updates with the recent one being done on 15th June, 2016. This has ensured that it has remained efficient in performance and general output. Its currently rated highly (4+) due to its ability to perfectly meet the demands of its users.


The Functionality of Mussila app

The entire game setup is quite interactive where in the first instance the player travels along with Mussila band. In such trips, there are different jam sessions where one takes part together with other musical monsters. Apparently, some music events happen on mountainsides with mystical creatures surrounding the entire place.

In order for the player to move across succeeding levels, one need to identify different instruments that will be in use together with the aspect of mastering different forms of melodies and rhythms.

Generally, the game adopts a gender neutral and non-violence approach for its entire epic music game adventure which focuses majorly on boosting and building the lives of children.


Compatibility of Mussila app

This amazing app has adopted a high quality formation that entails incorporation of high quality features that requires a good and stable platform to support it. This is why it tends to work effectively on devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. For its operating system, it is required to be either iOS 8.0 or any latest version available.

Features Included in Mussila app

New instruments and outfits earned

Each time the band performs overwhelmingly exceptional, they get a chance to be rewarded with new upgraded outfits and instruments. This can highly boost their performance on high levels such as those in skill building.

A chance to make a record music

This is a great opportunity offered to the player after having a great mastery of the music game; this also involves great understanding in playing different instruments which can play a great role when it comes to recording music.

Apply customization feature on Mussila band

This great app allows the player to apply different adjustments to the Mussila band in a manner that makes it to meet the player’s customized needs. Such adjustments help the user to achieve the best personal results.

Take part in different jam sessions

The Mussila app music game offers the player an opportunity to participate in different jam sessions. This includes making performances together with the musical monsters in mysterious environment.

Simple user-friendly interface

The app has adopted an effective platform that is not distractive. Actually, there are no ads that have been integrated within this app. This is meant to help the player ( aged between 6-8) to fully concentrate on the music game.


Check below for the Pros and Cons of Mussila app:


· Quite interactive music game to play

· Amazing graphic and great display integrated

· Great concentration with no interruption when playing

· Use-friendly with an easy-to-play approach

· A chance to create own customized music


· Mild performance especially resulting from its large space

· Infrequencies in output experienced


In summary, Mussila app is a typically unique app that takes a different perspective by concentrating on bringing music experience to the young children. It has adopted high quality formation to ensure that it meets the expectation in performance, display and interface. What a great app to download; Get it today on App Store and enjoy that great experience!

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