A new gaming experience is always fun to try out because it exposes the user to new leaning and understandings. This in turn highly facilitate in boosting the overall experience and skills of the player. Most of the games played contain virtual earnings and rewards which the user cannot physically access to them. What about getting a game that goes a mile ahead to offer different rewards in real cash prizes? This sounds incredible and any ardent player cannot think of missing such an amazing experience.

Recently, an incredibly amazing app designed by the Wemagine developers has come out as a true reflection and a platform where individuals can play different games for free and gain high real rewards from winning them. The amazing app called Your Web Base gives the user a chance to earn more rewards after referring a friend using the game apps available within it. By doing this, one stands a chance of gaining up to 10% of earnings made by the ones referred within the player’s network.


A clear outline of the Your Web Base App

Having been designed and created by the Wemagine, this top rated app (currently at 4.9/5) has exhibited exceptional performance; this is both in service delivery and in giving great satisfaction to its users besides rewarding them with real cash prizes. In order to consistently boost its performance level, the app got its latest updates on May 2nd, 2016. Besides, it has adopted friendly user interface that entirely gives it a unique classical design.

How Your Web Base App Operates

Actually, an individual will discover that this app is quite easy to operate especially if one has the necessary skills in gaming. At first, the player will discover that there are quite a number of game apps to choose from. The next step is where the player is introduced to varied tournament games which come along with amazing prizes worth winning.

In order to enhance payments received from the winnings, the player needs to ensure that there is an account created to enhance different transactions. This account should be developed soon after downloading and installing the app. The player should then be ready to play any given game and earn real cash rewards in an instant!


When it comes to the winning strategy, one will notice that the more time it takes to win a game, the greater the chance of many players ultimately securing a win after the game play. Thus it this game does not provide any limits of the players who can get the chance to win; what matters is the odds placed by the player on such app games.

Compatibility of Your Web Base App

Your Web Base App has adopted a unique high quality setup with a quite engaging platform that can achieve great efficiency by being supported by a top-notch device. Thus, this app is well compatible with Android devices (version 4.1 and above) that work efficiently to deliver quality output.

Here are some of the features that uniquely identifies the Your Web Base App. Have a look at them:

Proper arrangement of all apps

It is noticeable that this great app takes the role of systematically arranging all the apps in the correct manner. This makes it quite easy for the game player to select the best game app that can help in generating attractive real cash prize,

Great prizes to be won

Apparently , the player who is crowned the ultimate winner can walk away with Nano Smartphone package which is highly valued. In this package, the player can also get wireless headphones together with universal SIMM which works efficiently all over the world.

Enjoy Free Games and win real cash prizes

The most exciting part on this game is its game exposure which is relatively wide. There are different tournaments that the player can engage into and which are offered by different apps. Interestingly, the player is rewarded after winning a particular match with amazing cash prizes.


Get earnings from referring a friend

One will discover that this app provides a platform where different users can refer their friends to download and install the app. Each time the user sends a referral, there is some earnings gained. Sequentially, one can also gain a proportion of earnings (about 10%) of those people referred.

Below are the Pros and Cons evident in this great Your Web Base App:


· Making a referral to a friend brings quick earnings

· Pretty simple to operate and use

· Fantastic experience with great rewards

· Highly defined classic design and user interface

· Improved performance from updates


· Bugs slow down the overall performance

· Requires great experience barely available to beginners

Final Verdict

Your Web Base App brings out a true definition of a high-performing too that not only rewards the efforts of the game players but also give them an unstoppable game experience. Designed with high quality user interface, Your Web Base App gives the player a completely unique chance to conveniently exercise great skills and win real cash prizes. For now it is available at Google Play. Download it today for free and get that experience!

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