Sustainabody makes it possible!

Would you like to get rid of calories? The Sustainabody application will help you by recording your vitamin and mineral levels. It makes it available to lose or gain weight while you don’t have to give up any nutrient like carbs, fat or protein. Start a healthy diet instead of taking multivitamins! Pills will never replace the alimentary substances which you can obtain from food. Be health conscious!

What can you do with the program?

  • Track vitamins, minerals, carbs, fat, protein, and calories from your food
  • Lose or gain weight, support your body
  • Size up your Health Level, or total intake of nutrients
  • Find out your potential shortages and get a dietary advice
  • Use this application totally freely!

Every diet implies a lower nutritional intake, because you eat less in order to lower the ingestion of calories. But what if you could combine the positive features? Sustainabody makes it possible! You can reach your health summit, regardless of your actual aim: lose, gain or maintain your weight. The point is that you can get all the necessary nutrients while being fine in terms of calories too. You can monitor your micronutrient intake with Health Level: it tops up when you have achieved your targets. You can trace whatever you want from Vitamin B12 to iron and magnesium. In the case of you lack a feed stuff, you will get an alert suggesting the appropraite nourishments to remedy any potential deficits!

For example if it turns out that you are lacking iron, Sustainabody will propose you foods such as turkey, peas or goose liver. This application is convenient for anyone, even for you. However, it is predominantly beneficial for vegetarians, vegans or for those who have lactose or gluten intolerance.

Why Sustainabody is the best choice for you:

  • This app traces micronutrients, macronutrients and calories, not like other apps that only sum calories, sugar, fat, protein and other basic substances.
  • The progression of your body is ensured.
  • We do not lose sight of scientific assumptions. We know that food is the best supply of vitamins.
  • Sustainabody is completely free. However, there are some ads in the free version, but these are strictly non-intrusive. If you have a thicker wallet, a paid, ad-free version is also available.
  • It does not take away more time than other apps but the efficiency is much higher.

Are you ready to start your new life? All you have to do is download the app and use it.

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