If you are using an iPhone it must be your valued possession and you must have stored some important data in it. Most of the iPhone users stay online throughout the day as most of the application requires internet connectivity. Sometimes, the connectivity is established through mobile network and sometimes through Wi-Fi which can also be a public network. In such circumstances, it is important to ensure that your data is safe from hacking and keeping your mobile security on. Avast software brings Avast secureline VPN which will provide a WI-Fi security feature to your phone and also provide a privacy shield to your phone.


Avast Secureline VPN is made for iPhone and iPad through which you can access more web content and connect securely for the Wi-Fi connection in public. Apart from providing the required security the app also ensures that your data usage is less. This is possible as the app compresses the data while being used. The app also ensures that you can get access to more web contents from different parts of the world. If a website restricts you to log in from your country you can log in with the VPN or virtual portable network of another country and access the data. The app is loaded with several features and you must have this app if you are going to use your connection on public Wi-Fi network.



  • Avast Secureline provides you virtual private network to surf the net without worrying about anything. It is presented by world’s trusted antivirus company.
  • The app comes with private encryption tunnel which prevents hackers from getting access to your mobile data even when you are using public Wi-Fi network.
  • You can choose your surfing location and that will give you access to more data on web. There is an option to choose your own VPN and it can be your own country or any other country available in the options. So even if some websites are restricted in your country, you can open them with VPN of other countries.
  • The app reduces your data usage to certain extent. It compresses the data you are receiving and thus no extra charge has to be paid.
  • The app comes with 7 days free trial. You can download it for free from the iTunes store and once you like it, you can go for monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly rate is $2.99 and the yearly rate is $19.99.
  • You can use the app simultaneously on up to 5 devices that are compatible.
  • The app version 2.0.1012 requires around 7.4 MB space on your device.
  • The free to download app is compatible with iOS 5.0 or later and you can run it on iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

Summary: Avast Secureline is presented by Avast antivirus and it is a great app as far as connecting internet securely for your iDevices is concerned.

Good: The security is world class and the multi VPN usage concept is quite good.

Bad: None

Apps40o Rating – 4/5

Worth Having Application –  Download the App