If you want a simple, yet challenging and addictive game to play on your iOS device, then Super Stack by Superdik B. V. is the ideal app for you. All you need is to be adept at controls and have split second reflexes. Once you get started, you will be unable to put down your iOS device, no matter what. The fun is never ending.


The most striking feature of the game lies in its simplicity. This is seen not only in the interface but also in the gameplay. You begin with a stack of monsters. Your aim is to make the top most monster fall, making sure that it is places as right above the previous one. The whole point is to keep the stack from collapsing. To do this, you merely have to tap on the screen. The other twist lies in the rime limit. You have all of a minute to create a stack as high as possible. It is not until you begin playing that the actual complexity of the game dawns upon you. Even the slightest miscalculation can lead to your entire huge stack toppling down.


Each time, your highest score is recorded. This helps you keep track of your personal progress, pushing you to beat your own high score each time. The main competition you have is against yourself. This is one of those games that are easy to learn owing to its simple controls but hard to master. You can share your high scores on Twitter and Facebook directly from the app as well. This social aspect helps you gauge your stand among your family and friends.

The background and user interface have been kept simple and sober. While this goes in line with the gameplay, it also keeps you from getting distracted easily. After all, this game is about the right amount of focus and skill. As you begin playing, you will find yourself coming back for more. Also, you will learn repeatedly from your mistakes and miscalculations. The monsters are partly scary and partly adorable. The blue background, along with the spooky trees and signs in the background add to the effect.


The challenge of Super Stack lies not in mastering the gameplay but in plying consistently and polishing your skills at the game. Sharpen your reflexes and calculative skills through continuous practice and effort. The time constraint helps build the pressure to the right amount, ensuring that your brain functions at its full capacity at all times. So, do you have what it takes to build a super stack?

Super Stack, developed by Superdik B. V., is available for free in the App Store. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad having iOS 7.1 or higher. It has been optimised for the iPhone 5. With flawless gameplay and lucrative gameplay, this is one of those games which is sure to make it big in the market. Owing to its simplicity combined with its challenge, this game is sure to get you addicted.

Good: Simplicity

Bad: None

Worth Having Application –  Download the App