Ever thought of the entire earth being controlled by drones and robots? This sounds quite freaking! The human race would totally be in trouble as they tries to combat the machine-like creatures. However, there would be urgent need to protect the planet, which for many years has been the home of human beings. Such an experience has been brought into reality by the recently unveiled Robot Clash Run game. It now ready for download for free from the App Store! Actually, one will find this amazing app worth getting due to the amazing experience that comes along with it.

Getting to know the Robot Clash Run game

First, the player will come to understand how addictive this app is. The experience is super awesome making the user to play more of it all day long. When it comes to the historic background of the game, the player will note that there is a ‘technological coup’ that is imminently approaching and something need to be quickly done. This is where the player’s role comes around; to protect and defend the planet from the looming takeover.

How should this be done? The player needs to be in constant motion of running and jumping along the path especially when encountering the evil bots the way. Furthermore, there is the option of flying especially when one gets tired. With the aid of the jetpack, the player can fly and launch attack on the drones which appear to emerge from above. The best part about this Robot Clash Run game is its ability to make the entire adventure appear close to real; the player can fire hot dog missiles on robots which may end up writhing in pain.

Here are some of the notable features that one will indeed come across:

Cartoony-like fantasy animation

As the player enjoys this amazing game, it introduces one to the world of fantasy that is quite stunning. The entire design applied by the game is absolutely attractive and commendable. Besides, the pixel perfect animations make the appearance to possess a high quality definition.

High quality background sound

The quality sound that has been integrated in this amazing app is quite clear and audible. It is always fun hearing the sound emanating from the knocked-down drones and bots as they writhe in pain. That clearly displays a sign of defeat on their side!

The special power feature

The player will note that this incredible feature enables one to get equipped with skills and capabilities that highly assist in vanquishing the intruders. The power works really effective especially when the player is ready to launch an immediate attack.

Two new worlds introduced

The user will discover that there are two worlds which have recently been added into the game. They include the Asian Town and the Military Town where the player is required to provide defense on them during the play.


For now, the user will be required to have one of the following compatible devices in order to enjoy the fantastic experience of the Robot Clash Run game. They include iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. The user should also incorporate iOS 8.0 or any later version of operating system.

Final Verdict

For any action gamers who are ready to engage in an adventurous experience, Robot Clash Run game is absolutely worth trying. This kind of robotic apocalypse extends to offer the player with a totally unique exposure where one will get a chance to try out the exceptional features incorporated within. Get this amazing app at App Store now and get started today!

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