MadAbout Slots Mobile Casino is an app created by MadAbout Media Ltd. It offers an exciting way for the user to play different, exciting slot games. The site offers an environment similar to a casino on your mobile and you can access it from your SmartPhone and play casino games while on the go. The application is available for both the Android and the Apple devices. All the slot games can be downloaded for free and the user only needs to pay for the games that he wants to play. Downloading the game is also very simple, as you only need to send a text message to their contact number and can start playing immediately.



  • Users can sign up for the games either through texting or through the website.
  • The site provides users with an initial free flyer and they can use it for knowing more about the site and the games offered, before they share other information on the site.
  • The site also offers three deposit bonuses amounting to 300% totally up to a total 225 pounds.
  • For all deposits made up to 150 pounds, the user can get 100% bonus cash; another 100% bonus for deposits of a maximum of 50 pounds and a third 100% bonus for deposits amounting to a maximum of 25 pounds.
  • Players can also find promo codes at the Facebook page of the MadAboutSlots, as the site has linked with social networking sites.
  • Many popular slots, such as the Gold Rush and the Poseidon’s Kingdom are offered and they are all optimized for playing on your mobile. You can play slots, blackjack and even roulette or Bingo among others.
  • It also offers several fun games, namely, the Only Way is Slots, among others.
  • There are 3 to 5 reel slots and a maximum of 50 plus pay lines.
  • The percentage of payout changes according to the game.
  • There are many slots having a variety of bonus features and most of them have a Wild symbol or a Scatter symbol and a bonus feature.


The Good

The casino games offer great ease of use and are very user-friendly. You can play at a slot site on the go and access it from anywhere, chasing the jackpot of your choice. Most of the games offer progressive jackpots, along with the Loopy Lotto, consisting of two progressives, which is very popular. It has excellent graphics and new games are regularly being released. Moreover, if you refer a friend for the game, you can get 20 pounds bonus at the time they make a deposit.


The Bad

The range of casino games is not very big; however, what it lacks in quantity is made up by quality.


MadAboutSlots Mobile Casino uses the latest gaming technology for mobile devices, both for the Android and the iOS platform and offers several exciting slot games. Long term players can derive a lot of benefits. The site offers special features for such players, such as a VIP program, some promotional codes and a scheme offering cash back, etc.

App Rating :  *  *  *  *

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