Iphone games and apps are becoming the huge entertaining medium in the fast digital world. There are plenty of app and game has been released in apple store and huge number of affiliates reviewing the apps with download links.  Even though, there are numerous number of apps, still people are searching for something new and innovative.

Rather than playing such games allow users to play as per only instruction, people wish to use their brain on it. Freaks who are in search for brain squeezing apps on their iphone, ipad and ipod touch, then BEWILDER Puzzle game will be right one for them.

Bewilder-III 101 flowers is a jigsaw puzzle game for iphone, ipad and ipod touch devices and it is available at itunes app store.  Bewilder puzzle game has been developed with the intention to check the IQ level of the player. For sure, everyone wish to check their IQ level. By playing such games like Bewilder will reactivate your brain and improves your IQ.

Bewilder is not just one among a lot of puzzle game and its more than it. It has 101 flowers puzzles to find with fact finding concepts which enrich your memory power and of course your IQ too.

Colorful flowers in the puzzle will bring the peace in mind, when you attain the result of the puzzle in bewilder flowers, it will fetch you the very useful information about the flower in the puzzle. An another way to know about kinds of flowers and its natures. Totally a digital game which will let you stick with nature in your leisure time. Excellent background images and cool information about flowers are the plus points of the game.

Bewilder Puzzle game is available in various versions like Flowers 101, Animals 101 and Scientists 101.  Bewilder also available in a lite version to play and to have fun at free of cost.

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