Do you want to mix your life with tokens of donations at no cost? There is only one sure way to do so, Solidarity App. The app is amazing as it gives you the chance to donate without spending any cent. This is a free app that doubles up as an online banking system. The solidarity app works in a simple manner and every time you visit the site for free game, small percentage of the amount is deducted to support the initiative. You are given the opportunity to choose any initiative you opt to donate the amount. There are various initiatives that the amount can go to; help refugees, keep the environment clean, defend animal rights or help in disaster management.


The donation process;

First, you need to choose any free application or game, and then you pick one initiative that you support. Once you have the app and the initiative, download the app and start using it from the play store you can donate without any extra costs. Once all is set, the app does everything for you as it donates on your behalf.

Features of Solidarity App

Uses no Internet

The app does magic in areas with Wi-Fi and makes use of Bluetooth to send messages and photos from one phone to the other. This is one of the best apps that are cost-effective. The users enjoy the product services by just tapping and sending photos and messages to various respondents.

Make donations without extra fee

Solidarity app developers have invested heavily in global advertisement campaigns to bring onboard new users to games and apps. The campaigns are displayed on the Solidarity App and each time you are interested in a game or app, the app makes donations in your name and to the initiative of your choice. The first time you use the app, you get to enjoy free donation as proofing the functionality of the app.


Partnered with Top NGO’S

Solidarity App makes use of android and has entered a partnership with top notch NGO’s to bring about a cost-free mobile platform. It makes use of smart phones to connect and support refugees. The partnering has brought about diverse change to the affected nations. The partnership has ensured that every money you donate goes to the right need and to your wishes.

Technology driven support app

The app makes use of technology to bring about social startup with the intention to bring about change through supportive funding that has positive change to the society. It uses state of the art technology to bring strong interfaces. The interface is well structured to give you the best traffic. The app utilizes android version to give you the best.



· Uses Android

· Available in play store

· Donations at no cost

· Cost-effective

· User friendly


· None

Final thought

To further your donations, you need Solidarity App as it is safe, secure and guarantees you your money. Support events and disasters in the globe by visiting Solidarity App and making your donation count. There is nothing to regret with Solidarity App as it is user friendly and meets all your needs. Change the globe with the new, improved and detailed Solidarity App by donating as little as you have.

Worth Having App – Download the App