Sometimes, it becomes quite hectic and tiresome carrying lots of physical books around, right? It even becomes a bit harder to quickly retrieve information from such books. This can result to inconveniences and disappointments especially in the situation of urgency. In this current era, such an issue should be a thing of the past. Interestingly, the introduction of BookScanner Pro has made issues related to books much easier than expected. Its users now have an opportunity to perform great tasks such as capturing and creating books, generating electronic copies of documents in EPUB, FB2, JPG and PDF. Besides, the application of OCR on the online platform enables the users to access to some text after scanning and proceed to modify them. Meanwhile, this amazing app has been designed to meet the needs of researchers, students and many others. Its compatibility on iPad and iPhone makes it portable and efficient in boosting digital learning resources such as Ebook.

Being a smart pocket scanner, one will discover that this app has been created to simplify the entire operation involved in studying. Users can now store a lot of their learning resources in this app. The app also allows individuals to generate electronic copies and save them in different formats such as PDF, FB2 among others. With the aid of OCR, it becomes quite easy for the user to scan and get clear details that can be edited and shared. Another thing? With BookScanner Pro, the user can also proceed to create a digital book and even make different digital copies. Truly, this amazing app is the ultimate solution when it comes to creating different digital resources. This not only saves on time but also on the overall cost incurred by the user.

Compatible Devices for BookScanner Pro

It is apparent that this app has adopted a strong platform to boost its overall display and performance. Thus, it requires a high-performing device such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Such devices have proven great capabilities in delivering high quality output. Meanwhile, iOS 8.0 or later will work well for this app.

Check below for the distinct features that one will come across on this amazing app:

Create and enhance multipage docs

This incredible app has been designed in a manner that it allows the user to develop and enhance large multipage books. Apparently, one can be able to create up to 100 pages for a single book. Interestingly, the entire process is quite simple and takes only a couple of minutes to get done. Once the pages have been scan, the user can proceed to save such scanned documents under the built-in file storage. Besides, Ebooks can also be scanned and electronic copies saved in different formats like PDF, JPEG and FB2.

Efficient BookScanner

How does this feature operates? At first, the user will be required to capture the facing pages to be scanned. The Book Scanner will then proceed to make the details captured visible. This is through rectifying different errors which can either be from lightning defect or distortion. More so, it will ensure that the bending areas within the page have been unbend so as to make the details clear.

Protects the documents with a password

There are some confidential information that the user may not want it to be accessed by third party. In such a case, getting password protection can be very essential. BookScanner Pro has integrated the password protection feature that allows the user to protect different documents (especially PDF). This feature can also work efficiently when it comes to sending and receiving different mails. Meanwhile, areas where documents can be shared include Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Evernote and much more.

3D Touch for search

It is notable that the app has been designed in a way that the user can easily access it in a simple and quick manner. Apparently, as a user, one will be required to simply tap on the app’s icon displayed on the screen. Meanwhile, one may want to make some print out once the scanning has been completed. This can actually be performed from the compatible device.

Select Best Shot photo option

Under the Viewfinder option, the user is offered an option to click on the Best-shot button to activate selection of best photos. Thus, once the photos have been captured, the BookScanner can proceed to make the best selection from the photos in an automatic manner. This makes it easy for the user to identify which photos are indeed the best from the album.

Other notable features that the user will come across include auto capture and filters (for quality enhancements) and OCR which facilitates text recognition.

Here are the Pros and Cons noted in this great app:


· Perfect storage of scanned documents

· Quick creation of multipages

· Easy to share and export via email

· Highly secured platform for files

· Efficient application of filters and auto-capture


· Minor bug problem

· Unstable in performance at times

Final Verdict

BookScanner Pro has proven to be an exceptional app that has made it easier to transform file status through scanning. This has made users to efficiently access digital learning resources that help save on time and cost. With essential features such as multipages, EBook, Share & Export and OCR feature; this app has been able to enhance creation and sharing of files using a safe channel. This makes it unique and indeed worth adopting. It is currently ready for download on the App Store. Get it now for absolutely free.

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