Are you a piano lover? Have you been to piano classes when you were a kid? If you are serious about learning piano, then you can choose to use apps. It helps you to learn them without much ado with easy-to-understand, quick lessons. These apps help save a lot of money on expensive piano lessons and you need not buy a new piano indeed. There is one amazing app on the App Store named Skoove Piano that helped me to learn piano and track the progress all along.

Skoove Piano has lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced keyboard players. When you have this single app with you, learning keyboard becomes a breeze. It has over 400 piano lessons that allow you to learn, play and progress with the help of different features to enhance your learning methods. It belongs to the education category and has lessons for both the beginners and pros.

Skoove Piano helps you to learn piano and makes it simple for you to practice the notes, chords and other techniques. It gives you a personal touch in the way you learn as it helps you play your favourite song and plans the upcoming lessons for you. It listens and adapts to you and gives individual feedback as well. With this, you can improvise and play just by recognising and listening to notes. Skoove Piano uses AI to identify the notes you play and helps enhance the areas you need to develop. As the app clearly notes your weakness, it formulates the next exercise to suit accordingly.

With the many instructional videos, tailoring your learning becomes easier.  Using Skoove, you can compose your very own melody and play the music that you love like the classical ones of Mozart, Beethovan etc., and those that are chart hits of

John Legend, The Beatles and more. Not only this, Skoove Piano also works smooth on all pianos and keyboards, USB/MIDI or acoustic and you need not worry even if you don’t own a piano. It gives a virtual on-screen keyboard for you to practice with.

It is available in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. It is featured in many different magazines like Forbes, The Guardian and more. It comes with an in-app purchase for a price of $19.99, $39.99 and $119.99 for 1 month, 3 months and 12 months respectively. The prices differ with reference to the location and currency as well.

Skoove Premium gives you more than 400 piano lessons with new songs and lessons being added every month. You also get in touch with real piano instructors who can answer your questions with a one-on-one support. Download Skoove Piano this instant and start playing and learning piano the way you want.

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