This app is the one which caters exactly to my health and fitness requirements. I have been using this app since a couple of days and I find it to be at par with my expectations. I am a health conscious person as all of us and I do feel the need of an approximate estimation of my calorie burn. In our hectic schedules, we hardly have the time to spare ourselves a moment and take a deep breath. So, this app was my rescue. I could finally have an idea about the energy spent at the end of the day and plan my nutrition accordingly. Whether I am on the treadmill, jogging in the park or on the way to my office, this new mate of mine keeps up the record. This app contains all the basic features associated with health by monitoring my physical activity.


Pros:• User-friendly interface and very easy to operate which serves the purpose of monitoring our blood pressure, calorie burn, weight loss, BMI and all other health parameters.• A virtual coach to assist the users over issues like nutrition guidance, weight loss and activity plans.• Daily tips are worth enlightening.• Setting up of Step Goals is one of the most efficient features of this app. The Goal can be set according to our potential and stamina varying for different age groups.• Customisable features make this app more effective and easy to use.• Pedometer preferences are equipped with ideal features for more appropriate calculation.• Battery usage consumption can be optimized to normal, smart battery saving and full battery saving mode.• Step Counter Sensitivity can be adjusted depending on our device and activity.• Live tracking enables our friends and dear ones to keep a record of our activity route.• We can listen to our favorite playlists on the go• Backup and restore option provides us with our previous stored data even on the lose of our device.• Works offline.• Last but not the least, this app is free of cost and we simply need to click on the install option.


Cons:• The sensitivity factor may vary for some devices depending on the sensors of the device. This might result in inaccurate results. This issue can be sorted out by reaching out the helpdesk of the app developers.• To monitor our physical activity, the device needs to be in constant contact with our body. It won’t record any data if there any chances of distance between us and our devices.

It is well said that “Health is wealth”. In daily lives, we are so bound by our duties and responsibilities that we tend to neglect our health to some extent. This app has now become my personal favorite when concerned about health. I can stay updated with my health stats on go. I don’t need to worry anymore about my fitness and let the app do it’s job. I would recommend this app to all those who believe in a healthier world and trying to experience a new edge of the technological world in the field of health and fitness. I assure you of an awesome experience.

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